How to say agreement in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for agreement? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for agreement
契約 noun
Keiyaku contract, compact
合意 noun
Gōi consent, mutual understanding
一致 noun
Itchi match, coincidence, consistency, conformity, cooperation
同意 noun
Dōi consent, approval, same meaning, same opinion
規約 noun
Kiyaku rule, code
アグリーメント noun
Agurīmento mise, contract, covenant, pact, federacy
合致 noun
Gatchi concurrence
取り決め noun
Torikime decision
承諾 noun
Shōdaku consent, acquiescence
承認 noun
Shōnin approval, acknowledgment, recognition, consent, acknowledgement
約定 noun
Yakujō contract, stipulation
賛成 noun
Sansei favor, support, approval, favour
約款 noun
Yakkan clause, article, stipulation
符合 noun
Fugō coincidence, conformity, correspondence, harmony, accordance
妥結 noun
Daketsu agreement
承知 noun
Shōchi consent, awareness, acknowledgment, assent, compliance
納得 noun
Nattoku consent, assent, understanding, grasp, comprehension
同感 noun
Dōkan sympathy, concurrence, same opinion, same feeling
議定 noun
Gitei agreement
取決 noun
Toriki decision
合点 noun
Gatten consent, understanding, assent, comprehension, grasp
承知之助 noun
Shōchinosuke agreement
承允 noun
Uketamawa Makoto consent, acceptance
承引 noun
Shōin consent, acceptance
追従 noun
Tsuishō compliance, conformity, adherence, acquiescence, assent
承知の幕 noun
Shōchi no maku agreement
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