How to say question in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for question? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for question
質問 noun
Shitsumon query, inquiry, enquiry
問題 noun
Mondai problem, issue
疑問 noun
Gimon doubt, problem, guess
問う verb
Tou ask, accuse, charge
設問 noun
Setsumon question
問い noun
Toi query
質疑 noun
Shitsugi question
疑い noun
Utagai doubt, suspicion, uncertainty, skepticism, distrust
Dai problem, title, theme, subject, topic
聞く verb
Kiku listen, hear, ask, inquire, query
諮問 noun
Shimon inquiry, inquiring, enquiry, enquiring
不審 noun
Fushin distrust, doubt, suspicion, incomplete understanding, strangeness
訊く verb
Kiku ask, inquire, query, interrogate, enquire
試問 noun
Shimon examination, interview
問い質す verb
Toitadasu inquire of about
疑り noun
Utaguri doubt, skepticism, uncertainty, suspicion, distrust
諮詢 noun
Shijun inquiry, enquiry
聴く verb
Kiku listen, hear, ask, inquire, query
問い正す verb
Toitadasu question
質問する verb
Shitsumon suru query
見咎める verb
Mi togameru find fault with
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