How to say split in French

What's the French word for split? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for split
divisé adjective
la scission noun
splitting, scission, separation, fission
la division noun
division, divide, league, partition, cleavage
scinder verb
divide, sunder, rift
partager verb
share, divide, share out, lot, parcel out
fendu adjective
slit, cracked, cleft, splitting, riven
le partage noun
sharing, division, partition, dividing, parting
la fente noun
slot, slit, crack, vent, fissure
fendre verb
cleave, slit, rend, rip, slot
répartir verb
allocate, divide, share, apportion
la rupture noun
break, rupture, breaking, breakdown, breakage
la fissure noun
crack, fissure, rift, crevice, chink
se diviser verb
divide, split up
se fendre verb
crack, cleave, rip, split up, rive
le schisme noun
la déchirure noun
tear, tearing, rip, laceration, rent
fragmenter verb
divide, splinter
rompre verb
break, break off, break up, sever, snap
se déchirer verb
rip, rend, pull, tear along, part
fissionner verb
la crevasse noun
crevasse, crack, rift, cleft, fissure
se disperser verb
disperse, scatter, dissipate, break up, disband
filer verb
spin, run, get away, tail, scoot
révéler verb
reveal, disclose, tell, expose, divulge
trahir verb
betray, give away, sell out, distort, go against
cafarder verb
sneak, snitch, tattle, tale
mettre les bouts verb
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