How to say crack in French

What's the French word for crack? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for crack
la fissure noun
fissure, split, rift, crevice, chink
le crack noun
wiz, wizard
craquer verb
creak, crackle, break up
fissurer verb
casser verb
break, snap, quash, rescind, slash
se fissurer verb
fissure, rift, rip, fission
la fente noun
slot, slit, split, vent, fissure
le craquement noun
la fêlure noun
se fendre verb
split, cleave, rip, split up, rive
résoudre verb
solve, resolve, settle, figure out, remove
la crevasse noun
crevasse, rift, cleft, fissure, split
fendiller verb
se craqueler verb
fêler verb
claquer verb
slam, chatter, bang, flap, clap
se casser verb
break, cropper, fall to pieces, fritter
écraser verb
crush, overwrite, smash, mash, squash
gercer verb
chap, cleave
le défaut noun
fault, defect, failing, flaw, want
se crevasser verb
faire claquer verb
faire fendre verb
crash, rift
la plaisanterie noun
joke, jest, pleasantry, joking, kidding
détruire verb
destroy, kill, ruin, demolish, wreck
la faiblesse noun
weakness, feebleness, frailty, infirmity, failing
muer verb
moult, molt
excellent adjective
excellent, fine, prime, splendid, admirable
s'effondrer verb
collapse, give way, cave in, fall in, crash
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