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What's the Chinese word for issue? Here's a list of translations.

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问题 noun
Wèntí problem, question, matter, trouble, topic
发出 verb
Fāchū emit, sending, emission, send out, give off, delivery, emanate, emanation, promulgation, utter
发行 noun
Fāxíng issuance, publication, edition, printing, delivery
发布 verb
Fābù publication, release, publish, issuance, distribute, promulgation, promulgate, edition, editing, print
颁发 verb
Bānfā award, promulgate
send, hair, issuance, transmit, emit, firing, release, shooting, outgiving, send out
发表 verb
Fābiǎo publish, publication, announcement, deliver, announce, statement, address, issuance, speech, pronounce
议题 noun
Yìtí subject, topic, question, theme, focus
课题 noun
Kètí problem, task, object, question, matter
论点 noun
Lùndiǎn argument, thesis, contention, argumentation, lemma
颁布 verb
Bānbù promulgate, publish
发送 verb
Fāsòng send, transmit, send out, dispatch, route
争端 verb
Zhēngduān apply of discord
分发 verb
Fēnfā distribute, hand out
困难 noun
Kùnnán difficulty, trouble, problem, embarrassment, rub
做出 verb
Zuò chū put out
Chū come out, go out, turn out, put up, put forth
Bān promulgate, confer, send out
散发 verb
Sànfà distribute, emit, send out, diffuse, send forth
Gěi give, supply, provide, leave, let
放出 verb
Fàngchū release, let, let out, publication, outlet, let go
发动 verb
Fādòng launch, start, mobilize, wage, initiate
播散 verb
Bō sàn diffuse, distribute, emit, give out, send out
fight, beat, make, break, strike
Sōng pine, looseness, debility, friability, outcome
题是 noun
Tí shì problem, topic
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controversial issue
security issue noun
current issue
date of issue
first issue noun
首要问题, 创刊号
main issue noun
主要问题, 焦点
issue date
special issue noun
特刊, 专刊, 专号
hot issue
at issue
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