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What does (No) mean in Japanese?

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More meanings for の (No)
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今のところ adverb
Imanotokoro at this point, at present
たくさんの adjective
Takusan no many, galore, numerous
のために adverb, preposition
No tame ni for, for the sake of, in behalf
念のため verb
Nen'notame just in case, make sure
彼らの pronoun
Karera no their
最高の adjective
Saikō no the best, crowning, paramount
日本の adjective
Nihon no Japanese
他の adjective
Hoka no other
次の adjective
Tsugi no next, second, subsequent
私の pronoun
Watashi no my
Similar Words
関して preposition
Kanshite regarding, about, as for
に就いて preposition
Ni tsuite about, concerning, along, under, per
に対する preposition
Ni taisuru against, regarding, in, with regards to
に関して adjective, preposition
Ni kanshite about, in relation to, related to
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