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What does subcentral mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word subcentral? Here's what it means.

  1. Under the centre.
  2. Nearly central; not quite central.
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The hepatocytes present a homogenous cytoplasm and a large central or subcentral spherical nucleus, except some samples only showed fatty degeneration.
The nucleus is spherical and subcentral in position and possesses a distinct central granule.
Given above, it seems that subcentral proteins may have achieved an optimal tradeoff between functional constraints and adaptive effects, and thus were more targeted by adaptive selection in the recent human evolution.
Well-preserved centra show paired subcentral foramina, located on either side of the hemal ridge at a level slightly behind the midpoint of the centrum.
The shell is ventricose, is closed or gapes slightly posteriorly, and has prominent subcentral umbones and an external ligament.
Canada is currently acquiescing to pressure by member nations party to the agreement on procurement in the WTO that all subcentral governments be covered.

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