What is the adjective for quack?

What's the adjective for quack? Here's the word you're looking for.

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verbs quack and quackle which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts.

  1. (of a voice or sound) That resembles the quack of a duck.
  2. Fraudulent; characterised by or using the methods of quackery.
  3. (US, of land or a crop) Infested with quackgrass.
  4. Examples:
    1. “In the drain, hidden by foliage, ducks clacked a quacky, xylophonic tune.”
      “David's expression changes. A quack? All this act is about some quacky, pseudo science, right on, I know something you don't cult thing.”
      “The housemother was a relief housemother, and she was quacky, and we didn't think she knew anything.”
  1. (derogatory) pseudoscientific but within the academic community
  1. Like a quack (fraudulent doctor), or characteristic of quackery.
  2. Examples:
    1. “Barrett goes on to describe the history of naturopathy and to list some of the quackish practices that have been included in naturopathy.”
      “Obviously, Paul, anyone stupid enough to take your quackish advice deserves their outcomes.”
      “And yet to the quackish lecturer it is the key to unlock all his scientific treasures.”
  1. Resembling or characteristic of a quack (fraudulent doctor).
  1. Making quacking sounds, or prone to doing so.
  1. comparative form of quacky: more quacky
  1. superlative form of quacky: most quacky
  2. Examples:
    1. “The Doctor says that some of the quackiest of the quacks are in the army.”
  1. simple past tense and past participle of quack
  1. simple past tense and past participle of quackle
  1. present participle of quackle
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