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My worst weeds are the perennials that spread with runners, like quack grass.
However, many people have different kinds of thick bladed grass in their lawn such as quack grass.
In his pasture, edible weeds like dandelion, chicory, quack grass and even stinging nettles are allowed to thrive.
Fast-growing fall cover crops outcompete late-season weeds like quack grass and chickweed.
Among the modern evils to fall under Ince's scrutiny was quack alternative medicine.
Some of those crazy quack docs had me taking plenty of these at one point in time, let me tell you!
One theory is that the sound of the quack tails away, which makes the echoes difficult to hear.
A lifestyle guru is a modern sort of mountebank, selling quack advice instead of false medicines.
These sounds, called clicks, can be produced in such rapid succession as to sound like a buzz or even a duck-like quack.
An alternative medicine quack reckoned he could cure Faulkner of his twitching with a six-month course of treatment.
She will also turn her attention to Irish ducks, which presumably quack with an agreeable brogue.
My comments on quack medicine have brought on challenges from some readers.
Quacks or quack salvers are named from quicksilver ointment peddlers who treated syphilis in the 16th century.
The amendment was designed to control the sale of illegitimate products invented by quack doctors.
We should be looking at changing our lifestyles, not stuffing ourselves full of quack medicine.
Depressed by the abundance of absurd claims for quack alternative therapies, he had set up the site as a credulity experiment.
It is to help those who have fallen for the lies and deceit of quack medicine and pseudoscience.
They are saying they do not want the project to go ahead, full stop, because it is quack medicine.
The dominant forage is orchard grass, with some quack, brome, blue grass and assorted other species.
Ducks wake up and quack and swim away as we pass on the narrow walks, little packs of 20 or so ducks.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He became a quack poet, and hampered his talents by the imposition of a monstrous parade of rattletrap theories and professions.
When I hear these people talking I always hear some organized or vested interest chirp or quack, as it does in the newspapers.
Why will your lordship trouble yourself with the squabbles of a merry-andrew and a quack doctor?
To make an application of all this, let us not be too hard on the quack and the shyster.
With the fall of the sunlight upon his still triumphant face he returned to the humble Dacca quack.
To save the family honor, the girl is promptly placed in the hands of a quack who treats her for chlorosis.
When all was said, a man in the presence of this quack did feel in the presence of a great man.
The distant rumble of a train on the intramural, or a quack from a sleepy duck among the rushes, alone broke the stillness.
He spoke of hydrotherapy and gymnastic exercises, and called himself a quack.
Both disliked Home very much, and thought him an underbred Yankee quack and charlatan.
The Hypochondriac Malvern Festival Theatres DURING the 17th century European quack doctors had it made.
She calculated his capacity as she would a jug's, and filled him up every day with quack cure-alls.
Did you not see our quack friend apply to himself his own quackery?
Here the glib politician crying his legislative panaceas, and here the peripatetic Cheap-Jack holding aloft his quack cures for human ills.
As for his being a quack doctor, I see no great harm in that.
Levin sat listening to the doctor's stories of a quack mesmerizer and looking at the ashes of his cigarette.
From the selling of quack medicines he had proceeded to the adulterating of foreign wines, varied by lucrative evening occupation in the Paris gambling houses.
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