What is the adjective for cold?

What's the adjective for cold? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (of a thing) Having a low temperature.
  2. (of the weather) Causing the air to be cold.
  3. (of a person or animal) Feeling the sensation of coldness, especially to the point of discomfort.
  4. Unfriendly, emotionally distant or unfeeling.
  5. Dispassionate, not prejudiced or partisan, impartial.
  6. Completely unprepared; without introduction.
  7. Unconscious or deeply asleep; deprived of the metaphorical heat associated with life or consciousness.
  8. (usually with "have" or "know" transitively) Perfectly, exactly, completely; by heart.
  9. (usually with "have" transitively) Cornered, done for.
  10. (obsolete) Not pungent or acrid.
  11. (obsolete) Unexciting; dull; uninteresting.
  12. Affecting the sense of smell (as of hunting dogs) only feebly; having lost its odour.
  13. (obsolete) Not sensitive; not acute.
  14. Distant; said, in the game of hunting for some object, of a seeker remote from the thing concealed. Compare warm and hot.
  15. (painting) Having a bluish effect; not warm in colour.
  16. Synonyms:
    1. unfriendly, cool, inhospitable, unwelcoming, unsympathetic, forbidding, stony, chilly, frigid, cool, freezing, frosty, icy, glacial, lukewarm, snowy, haughty, icy-cold, supercilious, glacial, wintry, disdainful, aloof, crisp, distant, frosty, cheerless, frigid, remote, depressive, indifferent, depressing, bitter, reserved, joyless, biting, withdrawn, miserable, piercing, uncaring, uncommunicative, unresponsive, chilly, comfortless, numbing, sharp, lonely, chilled, lonesome, unfeeling
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