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The anticyclonic ridge strengthened on its northern side and interrupted the full force of the colder air mass.
Actually it wasn't too much colder than Santa Fe, but the extra wetness and windiness made it feel much colder.
The clocks have gone back, it's getting colder and driving conditions are about to get a great deal tougher.
The weather began to turn colder and colder as the icy winds swept the land.
Some commercial fisheries do this to make up for the lack of anglers bait during the colder months so that growth rates are maintained.
In colder areas, protect the container over winter, the agapanthus will return to bloom even more next year.
I felt colder and colder as I descended and was beginning to shiver uncontrollably midway down the mountain.
While you can get away with flat shoes during summer, opt for a slight heel for the colder months.
So most greens accept air conditioning now, provided that it is set no colder than 26 degrees.
Snow, glaciers and ice flows feed these large ice sheets in the colder months.
Whatever it was, I felt the primordial feeling of tears stinging at my eyes, and my breathing grew sharp and cutting, much colder than before.
In cheesehead country, you'll find warm brats paired with cold beer and even colder temps.
The warm weather of the last week has given way to colder conditions in the last two days putting the weekend prospects in the balance.
When they were closer, I could see the way his pale hair waved in the slight breeze, which only served to make me feel even colder.
We are watching for the colder air to come over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes.
The bottle is made of heavier-gauge aluminum than a standard beer can, so it keeps the suds colder longer.
As winter was to arrive soon, and the evenings were getting colder, I decided to get my warm overcoat and some waterproof boots for my trip.
Earthquake waves travel slowly through the hotter regions of the mantle and speed up in colder, denser areas.
The shorter and colder days are causing a setting-in of impending-winter orneriness around the house.
I think the worst of the weather is over but the continuing rain will not help the situation and it is likely to get colder again.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But all the while, the days grew shorter and the nights were colder than they ought to have been.
In the latter he found the Lector colder than ever, the bibliothecary warmer, the household more inflated.
All the rest of the evening she seemed to grow statelier, colder, more dazzlingly and imperially regal.
He went from house to house begging a hand-out, but the residents were colder than the weather.
And the colder be the waters man hath to ford, the gladder and welcomer shall be the light of the Golden City.
In a colder country than England, the Gothenburg shepherds live chiefly on milk, barley bread, and esculent roots.
The grouse is a northern bird, extending into far colder regions than any other subfamily of the gallinaceous group.
It had rained incessantly for days, growing ever colder and colder as it rained.
Harbor porpoises are restricted to the colder waters of the western North Atlantic Ocean.
It was even colder than the night before, and the raw east wind was rawer, and with it all there was a drizzling rain.
For a colder, more taciturn and discomfortable hostess could not be conceived.
People have begun to realise that it is often colder in Monte Carlo than in London.
The very danger and lustfulness of her, which had so pricked his senses, now made him colder.
Snowdon was 600 feet greater, and the climate was much colder and more rigorous.
Clark's observation that it was colder and cloudier than the waters of the Yellowstone still held good.
She was sewing as for dear life, and her face was primmer and colder than ever.
The sun was high when he awoke, and then a colder, hungrier boy you never saw.
Remembering the letter, she corrected her expression to colder lines.
But the things which one says naturally enough when the emotions provoke them sound crude enough in cold blood and colder daylight.
Although it lies more to the south than Pontus, it is colder.
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