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Sentence Examples
Some penguins waddle along shorelines and ice, whereas others hop from rock to rock.
Lo and behold out of the surf popped a little critter, and he proceeded to waddle up the beach and then up the banking for a bit of kip.
The others and I would waddle into the mines before sunrise, never seeing the first lights of dawn.
Without tipping at the shoulders, concentrate on shifting your weight from one skate to the other between each waddle.
He walked, well I'd like to say walked but it was more of a waddle, to the door and turned the shiny brass doorknob.
Even Viktor's stooped, pot-bellied waddle eventually resolves itself into a hearty stride.
Zack was fascinated with the baby geese, laughing at their ungainly waddle, watching them as they foraged through the grass.
With a series of ungainly steps, clumsy lunges, and eventually a kind of painful waddle, he made his way to the phone.
We had a walk, or rather a brisk waddle, in the morning, then cold turkey and home-made chutney by the fire for lunch.
How come the fashion industry is still peddling the image of six-footer, stick-insect girl models with that funny cross-over catwalk waddle?
Crimson rosellas flutter among the gum trees, while sulphur-crested cockatoos waddle across the lawn, screeching loudly.
Once you waddle into those snow pants and head out into that blustery winter weather, you are rolling the dice with your life.
They waddle around and squawk and cackle and chase each other around the beaches, stumbling all over themselves.
They're raised with enough clearance so the penguins can waddle under them on the way to their burrows.
There is just something innately draining about watching a full-size actor waddle on his knees for the sake of a supposed belly laugh.
Tiny fairy penguins body-surf onto the beach, struggle to their feet, and waddle up to their custom-made nesting shelters.
The Osbert Village Inn and Tavern was a waddle and daub building, like most of Osbert.
Perhaps because they can only waddle from their TV sofa to their car and back again.
As the bus meanders on, ducks waddle across the golf course and red cows and calves amble along the roads.
After a moment, the turtle creeps out of its shell and resumes its waddle across the highway.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Gowan started for the corral, the slight waddle of his bowlegged gait rather more pronounced than usual.
The march of the centuries may be majestic, but the waddle of this little ant of a man is not.
So he stood for some seconds, and then came the words of which waddle had spoken.
Ducks waddle, geese strut, guinea fowl go trip-trip on feet too tiny.
That is to say, the body must oscillate from side to side, or waddle.
A SPONSORED walk is aimed at the under-fives, allowing them to waddle, toddle or be pushed to raise awareness of meningitis.
Their walk is a waddle, and they bulge with seaming corpulency.
As long as that is all, waddle, you are not worthy to be called a man.
She had yellow legs, and webbed feet, and was considered a great beauty on account of her waddle.
As the morning drew on, they began to waddle away towards the river.
The alligator awoke and made for the water as fast as it could waddle.
It is true that I have failed more than once, but it is also true that my failures have been more magnificent than your waddle across the plain of life.
Men of his type walk with a rapid waddle, or they sit still.
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