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Sentence Examples
Once they conceive a quilt, the fabrics are chosen, cut up and combined using organic cotton wadding.
The contaminated cotton wadding was not found in quilts used in local colleges and nursing homes for the elderly.
Notice the soft wadding, which I and a few other top tailors use, as opposed to the far more common ready-made shoulder pad.
The smaller.50-caliber balls could be used in the.60-caliber musket, although they would require more wadding than the larger ones.
It is necessary to firmly ram home the powder charge and over-shot wadding.
The move has the blessing of the Franciscan community in Waterford who have commended the City Council on the proposal to move the Luke Wadding statue to Greyfriars.
He was tearing paper out of his notebook, wadding it up into paper wads, and throwing them as hard as he could against the wall.
When viewed from above, a layer of white wadding, suspended from the ceiling, makes it look as if the church is floating above the clouds.
Anyway, the new bike arrived this morning, all swathed in cardboard and plastic wadding.
Interlining is a wadding which is sewn between the curtain fabric and the lining to make the curtains feel thick and luxurious.
This is thermally bonded, inorganic wadding developed to replace asbestos on railway carriages.
Then you do a final stitch way into the wadding, pull the thread taut and clip the end just above the surface.
Innovative effects include fairy lights shining through wadding clouds and a water feature created by water running over perspex sheets with lights underneath.
Always use a layer of wadding or cotton overstuffing to make the work smooth.
These are launched from a special gun using compressed gas, a tuft of fibers at the back of the missile serving as both fletching and wadding.
She slipped a hand into her kerchief pocket and took out the wadding and waved in reply of course without letting him and then slipped it back.
These, covered with a layer of one-inch foam and six-ounce wadding and finished off with a matching fabric slipover, turned the room into a private boudoir.
Examples from Classical Literature
The joints are coated with asphaltum tar, with cotton wadding used as calking material.
Equal parts of sal ammoniac and quicklime are mixed, and sprinkled1443 between cotton wadding, which is to be quilted in muslin.
The first use made of the filamentous matter, was to substitute it for the wadding used in quilted counterpanes.
He was wadding his bunk with the hay, while the others looked on rather enviously.
Where the edges were too sharp they were beaten in by a mallet, or altered by glueing on wadding.
Several times, also, she had been on fire from the wadding which came blazing on board.
I sponged the wound, cleaned it, dressed it, and finally covered it over with cotton wadding and carbolised bandages.
She won in a thunderstorm, Rothschild's filly, with wadding in her ears.
Carefully he pried the wadding from each shell and poured the shot out.
Fill all the loops and bows with wadding as above mentioned.
There was a fifty-pound sack of corn meal, and a side of bacon, ammunition, and a four-gallon jug of whisky, and an old book and two newspapers for wadding, besides some tow.
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