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Some of them are able and competent, but the representative type is timid, cringy and conservative.
This dish is not for the timid eater, so bring along a doggie bag for the leftovers.
They are weak, fractured, incoherent and ideologically timid to the point of catatonia.
If you appear stiff, reserved, timid and insecure, they will feel repulsed.
The women screamed in unison all eager to be the object of Joe's attention if only for a second, but all too timid to volunteer.
Even the fiercest Rottwieler or the stand-offish German Shepherd becomes as timid as a doe when Murugan takes them by the leash.
Outside their window, an insect's timid squeak peeped sporadically into the night, like a half-rusty hinge.
It is very hard to be a Vajrayana practitioner with a timid, chicken-hearted attitude toward life.
He is too timid and vacillating about his own faith to offer an untrammeled affirmation of it.
The play is about a timid nerd who discovers a strange plant that can make any Joe Soap really famous.
Marines engaging in their first combative exercise were often timid and unsure of themselves.
Like the cry of a pack of sleuth-hounds in the ear of the timid deer came these stern demands to Edward the king.
From surreal puffball skirts to bulbous tops and slashed skirts, his clothes are not for the timid.
At first I was a little timid because the car has quite a bit of power, tons of grip with the underbody and the wings.
Skeletons do not have any brakes or suspension and with top speeds exceeding 80 mph, this is not a sport for the timid.
The dozen or so timid beasts looped about uncaring of the darkness that dominated the planet.
The timid knock on the door could only be one person, his mousy but efficient secretary trying to get his attention.
Hanks' fatal miscasting and timid performance unbalances a film that is already too careful to thrill.
The Warren brothers snickered, amused by the sight of their strict teacher suddenly turned into a timid mouse.
There were timid deer and huge morocoys that moved with prehistoric slow motion.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She was so supple of form and so radiant of color, and so palpitant with timid joy.
Through these the timid Awakening spirit lifts its head like the first trillium of the year.
The timid feared hasty acting would precipitate the marshaling of the waverers under the same flag.
The nonconformists are timid, and dream not that the day of deliverance is at hand.
A timber wolf, especially a solitary timber wolf, was a timid thing, yet this one feared neither man nor fire.
Gazing, with a timid glance, On the brooklet's swift advance, On the river's broad expanse!
The Nogai women are very timid, for the jealousy of their husbands is extreme.
Our passage across the Arabian Sea was as smooth as the most timid of navigators could desire.
Martha said she didn't play bridge and upon Annie's timid suggestion of pinocle, said she had never heard of it.
This pale, beetle-browed lady ought to have enjoined those to be timid who know how.
Professor phyle, who had stuck his head out of the curtains, drew it in again suddenly, like the timid turtle.
She was pretty and sweet-tempered, but timid and without energy of character.
Why do they now bend to adopt a path that in former days was only trodden by the weak-hearted and the timid?
Now and then our crew of clean-limbed Tonga boys rested on their oars, with timid, limpid gaze turned askance.
The majority of them are playful, but their gambols are dangerous to the timid or unskilful.
In riding, as in most other things, danger is for the timid and the unskilful.
The most free and ruddy and brave of his pages are juxtaposed with some of the most soft and timid.
The ursine baboon is not naturally pugnacious, but neither is he timid or destitute of the means of defence.
But I was timid and afraid, so for several days I wandered about here, never daring to try to meet you in the open day.
He is very timid, and it would not suggest to him anything so unpracticable.
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