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Sentence Examples
But when the six percussionists timidly clink their cymbals, it's hard to keep thinking they're high priests presiding over a purgative rite.
Then, just a few minutes later, in my peripheral sight line, I catch the waiter timidly approaching my table.
When he's not blankly canoodling with his new bride, he's timidly asking anyone within earshot if they're mad at him.
Freshmen stood timidly together in circles, looking small and insignificant.
The divisions widened between the working class and the liberal capitalists who had timidly opposed Tsarism.
She got as much necklaces and bracelet's as she could find, then very timidly she picked up an eyeliner pencil.
Jane smiled timidly at her mother, inclining her head forward, and then pulled on her own jacket.
Ivan folded the message, put it in the inside pocket of his coat and timidly turned round.
A skinny wisp of a young woman entered the room, timidly opening the door to the side to allow her entrance.
The girl halted in surprise and wondered as the white-haired new comer approached her timidly.
The change in Eloise from being timidly self-conscious regarding her appearance to publicly yelling at a figure of authority was quite remarkable.
She sits, timidly and girlishly moving around on her chair constantly.
In Tom's World, it's always better to try a swan dive and deliver a colossal belly flop than to step timidly off the board while holding your nose.
After playing timidly as a rookie, he was a different player in minicamps.
Many players tend to play timidly around the bubble, to keep their chips and last longer in the game.
She gingered her way into the river and timidly splashed into its waters.
The four young pigs who had protested when Napoleon abolished the Meetings raised their voices timidly, but they were promptly silenced by a tremendous growling from the dogs.
Examples from Classical Literature
She came forward timidly, holding out a hand on which the scrubbing brush and the paring knife had left their respective marks.
Tahoser followed him timidly, and stood near the door, ready to leave at the slightest gesture, but Pori signed to her to remain.
They were timidly conservative at the age at which every healthy human being ought to be obstreperously revolutionary.
The millipede cautiously reared its head from the sand and felt timidly about.
However he approved whole-heartedly when she timidly broached the matter to him.
Then softly, timidly, his hand settled on the roundness of her arm, on the unknown.
She had left her hat by the flagpole, and she now went timidly up to get it.
Sigmund shrunk a little away from his uncle, not timidly, but with some distaste.
When he had brought back the change to her she timidly selected a half crown and offered it to him.
Now, timidly peeping from behind her skirts, he ventured to open his eyes on it.
Nell approached her timidly and spoke softly, lovingly, subserviently.
The hand which was yielded to his pressed it gently, timidly, chastely.
With some embarrassment he delicately, timidly, hinted his apprehensions.
She smiled timidly, as though to deprecate her sister's vengeance.
She answers timidly that she only wants to make some enquiries.
In and out of the hive long black robber bees smeared with honey fly timidly and shiftily.
Having no excuse for lingering longer, I slipped out, while Linton was engaged in timidly rebuffing the advances of a friendly sheep-dog.
Here and there some chrysanthemums grew timidly at the foot of an aloe with long, sickly-looking leaves.
Dainty said, timidly, as she laid her golden head down on the lace pillow.
She timidly signed the card and returned it to the corner of the table.
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