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The results from the minute papers are tabulated and presented to the students each day and then selected topics are covered.
The tabulated P value was calculated for every test statistic, using an F distribution with the appropriate degrees of freedom.
The tabulated fouling data for neontological occurrences includes only metazoan epibionts that appeared on the external surface of the cuticle.
Somebody with a bean counter's soul has probably tabulated the waterfalls, as well.
My attorney even tabulated the amount of drugs recorded on the wiretaps over the three-month period dealt by the dozens of co-defendants.
Whenever differences are observed, values are tabulated separately for contact lipids.
Diffusion coefficients of non-labelled water in helium and in CO 2 measured by gravimetry were close to those tabulated by Cussler.
He followed Jason and pretty soon he was looking at the tabulated results from their experiment the day before.
Its dense rows of tabulated figures are littered with footnotes as the compilers struggle to incorporate new food knowledge into old.
The percent of respondents classifying a task in each educational category was tabulated.
But the real results are the ones that can't be tabulated by the Department of Education.
The number of remaining lists, occurrences, or occurrences squared was also tabulated.
The results are then tabulated in a series of checklists or grids to indicate possible or probable health effects.
The same information can be tabulated by the whole class, for a composite picture of a trade.
Results were tabulated and presented at multiple multidisciplinary conferences and clinical meetings.
Published results from other genotoxicity tests and cancer studies have been tabulated.
Survey results were tabulated for the entire sample and for girls and boys separately.
All surveys were electronically tabulated and the results were ranked in declining order.
Results are tabulated immediately and visitors have the option of viewing past surveys and their results.
Where possible we tabulated results in terms of means and standard deviations for consultations and proportions for prescribing and referrals.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He tabulated the causes, and made bets with himself as to the strength and duration of each.
A series of experiments in making Roquefort were tabulated to show the rate of acidification from various initial points.
It was a solid satisfaction to have him tabulated and pigeonholed at last and for all time.
There was silence in the Council Chamber as the votes were recorded and tabulated.
In my growing zeal for cataloguing people, I should like to get our doctor tabulated.
We have, secondly, tabulated the real cause of distress, as gathered by the tabulator from the whole record.
For the sake of brevity, the results have been condensed into tabulated forms.
The quantity that is usually tabulated is the reciprocal of k, and it is called the coefficient of compressibility.
Again the score was tabulated, but Anders' mind couldn't accept the total.
Winter storm fatalities are tabulated in Storm Data, a report published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Throughout the Miss USA 2012 live broadcast, the eight celebrity judges individually submitted their votes which we independently tabulated.
If performance measures are going to be tabulated, they need to be tabulated accurately.
Let the courses of nations be tabulated, and statesmanship is made easy.
What Bob burned to know was the origin of the tabulated list of poisons.
Many thanks to Division President-elect Fay Adams, NCTM, who faithfully took minutes at each of our meetings, and tabulated the student awards from each state.
Growing season length for eight stations of North Dakota, Northern United States from 1879 to 2008, as well as the first and the last day of frost was tabulated and analyzed.
The 2005 AFS Wages and Benefits Survey has been tabulated, and its results provide a valuable insight into the labor costs at metalcasting facilities throughout North America.
The survey, developed and tabulated by Western Regional Equity Network and the University of Arizona College of Education, will be mailed Tuesday.
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