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A song's words, music tabulation and guitar chords are all as well-protected by copyright law as the sound recording they're heard in.
Faint and fine suturai lineations, incompletely reflecting tabulation, variably developed over surface.
Moreover, that knowledge must reflect careful observation, recording and tabulation.
The site offers voter registration, listings, and even vote tabulation for its customers.
Of course, if the audit system doesn't match the vote tabulation there's no way to know that the vote tabulation actually works properly.
The two essential methods of prairie dog tabulation are aerial surveys and old-fashioned head counts.
One crucial tabulation involves determining the number of subsets of the 12 possible Bingos of a particular size that cover a particular number of squares.
Upon discovery of errata in original tabulation, a few bandleaders who were-just ten days earlier-told they had won top honours, suddenly found themselves relegated.
Thomas Edison's first invention was a tabulation device that showed visitors to a state legislature exactly how lawmakers were voting on every bill.
The genus is emended to account for the nature of the central body wall, as well as new evidence of tabulation including details of the archeopyle.
Quick and dirty tabulation of stomach contents and maturity stages for skates, squaloid and other ovoviviparous and viviparous species of sharks.
Conventionally, the term tabulation has been used to refer to this arrangement of thecal plates.
The plate configuration can be denoted with the plate formula or tabulation formula.
This definition has been essentially unchanged since 1880 and is widely used as a standard for data tabulation.
Interestingly, the book has a tabulation of flight times at each Mach number obtained.
Here is a tabulation of baseless claims made in the last month.
Letter frequency was category 18 of Babbage's tabulation project.
Examples from Classical Literature
Fig. 33 shows a form of time sheet intended for a tabulation of both the clock record and job time.
And certainly such a tabulation reveals parts of the mystery which are not plain even to the trained eye and ear.
For purposes of tabulation, we have included everything north of Central Tennessee in this class.
Information has been secured on two Italian virginals which were not included in the tabulation.
There is no answer to these figures, which are the result of the tabulation of many hundreds of thousands of cases.
This tabulation includes spinning and weaving establishments only.
I reckon I might have been too aggregative in my tabulation.
Nor do results so readily lend themselves to figures and tabulation.
This becomes even more evident from the tabulation just made.
Perhaps they'd put you on to tabulation work, though that's awfully dull.
This was overshadowed by significant irregularities on election day, especially during the counting and tabulation of votes.
Responses, unless a member indicated they wanted to be contacted by TEI, will be kept confidential and used only in tabulation with others.
A new peak was achieved July 2, with the tabulation that 1,025 shipping containers were in surface movement to Afghanistan.
They jointly describe their tabulation efforts in the fall issue of Mathematical Intelligencer.
Good heavens, gentlemen, what sort of free will is left when we come to tabulation and arithmetic, when it will all be a case of twice two make four?
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