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Experience has made me skeptical of physicians' pronouncements and prognostications, especially about people with disabilities.
Napoleon hired a group of Arabs and Arabists who would translate a series of pronouncements.
His pronouncements cannot bring down governments, or send armies off to fight and die.
What on earth is going through his head as he makes his bizarre and lordly pronouncements from the pulpit every year.
Those who thrive on glib pronouncements about the role of renewables should carry out the occasional reality check.
Could it be the posthumous public pronouncements were really only shameless self-serving exaggerations?
Various calls were made by bugle and bosun's pipe across the PA system of a ship to announce daily activities and pronouncements.
Stern pronouncements are hurled down like thunderbolts from Zeus, and, like Zeus, their authors are totally unaccountable to mere human beings.
His moral judgement will always be suspect, his official pronouncements unbiblical, and his guidance that of the blind leading the blind.
Official meeting pronouncements offer little more than colorless boilerplate.
His pronouncements will inspire a lobbying contest among the upscale interests to see who can extract the most boodle from the Treasury.
The drive to increase access to universities fits in with New Labour pronouncements on social inclusion and the ilk.
The White House hung her out to dry by undercutting or overriding her policies or public pronouncements.
My sister jumps through hoops for her like a puppy seeking approval and I get stiff-necked in the face of Mother's orders and pronouncements.
We note too that his pronouncements are hedged with bureaucratic justification.
In fact, Jarecki has studiedly refused to make any explicit pronouncements on the Friedmans' guilt or innocence.
In his programmatic pronouncements about historical materialism, Marx does not specifically mention science in the superstructure.
They use gestures, exaggerated voices, or pronouncements to represent things that are not present in the immediate environment.
Are such pronouncements context-specific in a way that renders them inapplicable today?
The theological message of ritual scourging was made clear to spectators in formal pronouncements.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Sure enough, two woodlands over, Nitro finally let it rip, throwing his 85 pounds into full-throated pronouncements.
So, did the Pythia deliver her pronouncements while in a trance induced by volcanic vapours?
But it is not the impracticality but rather the wrong-headedness of this pronouncements that I wish to explore.
It is supererogatory to dispute either of these imperial pronouncements.
The surer its pronouncements on this point, the surer may we be that morality is not speaking.
Examining these heterodox pronouncements a little more closely, however, we may possibly perceive their truth.
The legacy and thought provoking judicial pronouncements of the Chief Justice are going to prove a beacon light for the judicature for all times to come.
Headlines in the computer and business trades swing from upbeat predictions that desktop video has arrived to dour pronouncements that it will not fly, at least not yet.
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