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A further oracular pronouncement has effectively restored Oedipus's free will.
In law and political science there is a hierarchy of government pronouncement.
Were he to observe today's scene, he might make the same pronouncement about well-born producers.
Isn't there also an irony in one so avowedly anti-Establishment revelling in the pronouncement of a bewigged judge?
But it goes to an essential aspect of the administration of justice, the due pronouncement of any court decision.
Her stomach tightened at his pronouncement but she got to her feet and approached the Captain.
The brief pronouncement by Jimmy Carter does not do justice to the technical reasons behind that statement.
That something she said one moment was incompatible with her next pronouncement hardly ever troubled her.
His pronouncement last week about condoms is the latest example of him seeming woefully out of touch.
At the time, I did not question him on his contradiction of his earlier pronouncement.
Yet another begins like a Caesarean pronouncement at an inaugural of a gladiatorial contest.
After pronouncement of a resolutive lockout, labour relations are for the time being terminated.
Unfortunately, certain events prevented me from offering an encompassing pronouncement last weekend.
If this pronouncement had come from any other arbiter elegantiarum than Mr. Cohan we might have remained skeptical.
There was something emphatic, even challenging, in his pronouncement that discouraged questioning.
I think that his pronouncement that it's a post-racial society was not realistic.
The smell of the musty books filled my nose and I felt I was in the clouds as I heard his pronouncement.
If the pronouncement had been directed at a different predicament, it would have been safe to say it was the only way she could have kept herself sane.
Depending on its style and brand, it can be a statement of status or a pronouncement of folksiness.
It is obvious that after the pronouncement of the third divorce also, a husband shall be responsible to provide residence and maintenance to the divorced wife.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Having made this pronouncement, she entered the ivory tower of her deafness and closed the door.
Yes, she had come to investigate, to observe, to seek the truth of her own pronouncement.
Never, to the last hour of my life, shall I forget the effect of that pronouncement.
And no pronouncement is made as to the divisibility or non-divisibility of the molecules.
In the SJR story announcing the Sun's planned September 1989 debut, Ingersoll made what I considered a dunderheaded pronouncement.
This pronouncement gave the corsairs all the assurance they required.
A period of silence for a time after Prester Kleig's pronouncement.
He had made no official pronouncement of the matter, but Lady Wetherby knew that he disapproved of her classical dancing.
The suavity of this pronouncement enfolded all as with a blessing.
The latest pronouncement, however, was for the moment the most perplexing.
Some of the most endearing posts include platonic love confessions for friends, especially the pronouncement of bromances.
She stopped with her fingers on the handle of the door, as if she remembered that some sort of pronouncement was due from her.
Abiola Irele's pronouncement used epigrammatically as a scaffold for this essay is a reminiscence of the influence of the Afrocentric movement on the African literature.
He was suddenly back in the Milan, he saw the backward turn of her head, the almost wistful look in her eyes as she made her little pronouncement.
And looking at her askance in the dusk, as she trod the deck that vaguely swayed, he recognised something in her air and port that matched such a pronouncement.
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