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She'd thrown away religious doctrines and was now pronouncing religious ritual as nothing much more than a device for reducing egotism.
Shortly afterwards, I saw the same man on television pronouncing that the leader's brilliant speech would scotch the conspirators.
When I asked the boots in Roscrea the way to Monaincha, pronouncing it as it is spelled, he said he had never heard of it.
Merely pronouncing them won't do it nor, most likely, will simply transplanting American methods into alien soil.
He gives Meade a full and fair hearing, pronouncing him competent if not overly skillful.
It is the kind used in pronouncing dictionaries, and is referred to informally as broad transcription.
He excitedly stumbled over pronouncing my name and ran up and clutched at my legs.
A waiter at Ambassador Hotel, who hails from the hill station, demonstrated the dialect by pronouncing a few words in his mother tongue.
Then they learned to read by pronouncing nonsense syllables formed by combining consonants with vowels, such as ba-he-bi.
Political abuse in Maine invited the Dutch king to confine his activities to dykes and polders and abstain from pronouncing upon mountain ridges.
Oh dear, has Dan been pronouncing the first syllable like the Scottish island?
Lets not give the scientists and politicians all the cards when pronouncing on matters scientific.
They have trouble pronouncing words properly, speaking grammatically and making certain fine movements of the lips and the tongue.
No surprise that the occasion served as a way for Arabs pronouncing on America yet again.
Jespersen later supplied phonetic transcriptions of the entries in Brynildsen's English and Dano-Norwegian Dictionary, which was the century's first pronouncing dictionary.
The absence of an economic aspect to the case at hand, therefore, also precluded the Court from pronouncing on the application of Article 10 of the Convention.
Henry Manning, who progressed from convert to ultramontane cardinal, encouraged Pius IX to consolidate authority and claim infallibility when pronouncing ex cathedra.
The sequence ended with the student pronouncing the word correctly.
These Old Testament believers are pronouncing their longing for vindication and judgment in the name of Jehovah the righteous one, and in vivid poetic language.
But is she really justified in pronouncing the mystery solved?
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Examples from Classical Literature
I perceived he was incapable of pronouncing a word from the excess of his humiliation.
Here it was that the senior Muir conducted service, no doubt pronouncing the last rites for some of those who sleep there.
The doctor consoled him by pronouncing eulogies on his mistress, the lady in the dress of a 'longshorewoman.
And in pronouncing these words the brave Tartarin shook the tassel of his chechia as if it were a mane.
The leading golfers of that time were almost unanimous in pronouncing the Alps at Prestwick the best two-shot hole in the world.
I cannot do more to-day,' and, pronouncing a general benediction, he returned to the bench.
He spoke with a proprietorial air as one might of a household pet, pronouncing the name of his city Louie.
She knew she was pronouncing her own death sentence, yet she spoke quietly.
Oh, how tedious it was, pronouncing word after word, and giving their definitions!
Could such a feeble glimmer of the invisible disc justify them in pronouncing a decided opinion on the inhabitability of the Moon?
So much that people thought her cold, some even pronouncing her a prude.
As Ptolemy Philopater testified of the African elephant, I then testified of the whale, pronouncing him the most devout of all beings.
Our wireless experts agreed in pronouncing the theory absurd.
This word is composed of JUS and DICTIO, juris dictio or a speaking and pronouncing of the law.
No one could have seen Mr Geddes without pronouncing him a man of mark.
In pronouncing these words, the Prince, to judge of the effect they produced, surveyed with his eagle eye the three extremities of the triangle.
Trent was pronouncing an encomium upon his wife, and they were both wondering by what enchantment she had been brought to marry such a misshapen wretch as he.
I forgot my bashfulness, and pegged away with all my might, tumbling over long words, pronouncing according to inspiration of the minute, and doing my very best.
Porthos, in pronouncing these words, seemed to gulp down something.
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