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According to the prime number theorem, the average gap length up to a certain prime equals the value of the natural logarithm of that prime.
The following year he published An elementary proof of the prime number theorem for arithmetic progressions.
When the exponent is a prime number, I say that its radical less one is divisible by twice the exponent.
Such a sequence consists of the remainders, or residues, after squaring consecutive whole numbers, then dividing them by a given prime number.
This prime number can be unpacked into the original source code for DeCSS, the software that decodes the DVD encryption scheme.
The fact that periodical cicadas emerge after a prime number of years could be just a coincidence.
A number that only has two factors, one and itself, is called a prime number.
Canadian lotteries also require a skill testing question to claim your prize by adding all numbers chosen for the draw, cubing the total and finding the nearest prime number.
When the exponent is a prime number, I say that its radical cannot be divisible by any other prime except those that are greater by one than a multiple of double the exponent.
The rest of the factors are each power of two times that prime number.
These particular numbers have characteristics that make it relatively easy to check whether a candidate is either a prime number or a composite number.
In prime number theory, they proved results and some notable conditional results.
Recently, in Missouri, a computer came up with the largest known prime number.
Based on this theory, we can put a pair of primes public as the public key, private key as the prime number.
The Wilson's primality test method is one of the most well-known deterministic prime number test methods.
The pound was originally divided into 7,000 grains, which is the product of a prime number, and a thousand, which indicates a metrication attempt.
A field's characteristic, if non-zero, must be a prime number.
It is probable, a role is played here by the fact that the prime number fractions or ratios are more fundamental quantities than the prime numbers themselves.
The statement that this function gets asymptotically closer to the actual number of primes as the numbers get bigger is known as the Prime Number Theorem.
John Hills's string has struck a bit of form this week and Prime Number added to the trainer's win here on Wednesday night with a game performance in the 1m2f handicap.
Examples from Classical Literature
A number which has no factor except itself is called a prime number, or, more briefly, a prime.
But then, he says, it is absolutely necessary that the basis of numeration should be a prime number.
The difficulty lies wholly with those cases where n is a prime number.
Suppose the hyperbolic logarithm of the prime number 43,867 required.
This is the prime number, every other number being simply so many units.
A number which is not a prime number is called a composite number.
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