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Sentence Examples
That makes the electric motor the prime mover, with the engine used to assist the motor and power the generator.
In addition, it is used as the prime mover for the forward repair system and various engineer mission modules.
He is the prime mover in an international contest to extend the lives of laboratory mice.
On first glance, this indicates that the prime mover would have been yawing to the left quite rapidly even though the test section was straight.
Generally, it has been the movie industry that has been the prime mover behind legislation requiring the use of anti-piracy devices.
This places the chuckholes and the like in the area between the rear wheels of the prime mover and the wheels of the trailer.
He became a prime mover in the development of an international language Ido based on Esperanto.
Leo is strategic, the queen on the chessboard, the prime mover of the zodiac.
He was a prime mover behind the Saudi military intervention in Bahrain a year ago to smash an incipient Shia reform movement.
Stowed within this hold are two bulldozers with scrapers attached, several flatbed trucks, a diesel-powered roller, a prime mover, two tractors and some truck trailers.
Vestas has clearly been the prime mover in WindMade and they both deserve and have received credit for that.
The prime mover behind the show, Andy Valmorbida, who is now 30, moved with his family to Manhattan when he was in his mid teens.
He has been a lightning rod for criticism, despite his many successes, including his role as the prime mover in the rapid sequencing of the human genome.
He said his client had learning difficulties including dyslexia and dyscalculia and was not the prime mover or organiser of the attack.
Recent concerns about fuel sources and pollution have incited a renewed interest in steam both as a component of cogeneration processes and as a prime mover.
Radials last longer and help the prime mover get better mileage.
Examples from Classical Literature
For every one knew that Hilary Grendon, the prime mover, the defier of the Mercutians, had escaped.
Weismann, we know already, had assumed that a sort of machine was the prime mover of morphogenesis.
Something prompted him that Jake was to be the central figure, the prime mover.
Now, I have any amount of that, and I was really the prime mover in most of Mascarin's schemes.
If those shutters ever open I think you'll have to be the prime mover.
Properly adjusted brakes should create a drag on the forward movement of the prime mover.
Well, here was the arch-revolutionist, the prime mover of them all.
Nevertheless the sensation involving discomfort remains the prime mover.
But connected with you two is a third party, a villain of the name of Quilp, the prime mover of the whole diabolical device, who I believe to be worse than either.
Another major advantage in that particular situation is that the dual drive package allows the site to solely operate on the gas engine prime mover during this period.
He was also the prime mover and signatory of the James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement and the Cree-Naskapi Act on behalf of the Cree people of Northern Quebec.
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