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On the earliest charts displaying a longitude scale, the prime meridian passed through the Canaries.
And it's where time itself starts, being the site of the prime meridian, Greenwich Mean Time or degrees longitude, depending on what you prefer.
The prime meridian is the line that separates geographic east from west on the globe.
Racers will later pass the prime meridian in Greenwich before heading through Kent to the finish line in Canterbury.
Because of Britain's sustained support for achievements in astronomical and navigational measurement, the Royal Observatory Greenwich landed the prime meridian.
Key amongst the equipment here was the transit telescope, angled to move only up and down, and from 1750 it was this telescope that defined Britain's prime meridian.
Greenwich was preferred to Paris as prime meridian because of the fact that, among others, its opposite meridian does not cross any land.
Only lands located along the east side of the prime meridian take their description from the meridian along their west side.
The transit house marking the prime meridian, attached on the west side of the main building, was built separately.
As you go east from the prime meridian, the longitude increases to 180 degrees.
Fourthly, lights out in this wing is extended from the ten thirty curfew that was given to you before your acceptance into this team, to eleven o'clock prime meridian.
The event is scheduled to begin on Feb. 18 in Greenwich Park in London, which is on the prime meridian.
The prime meridian, which divides the world arbitrarily into east and west, cuts through Antarctica, similarly dividing it.
The meridian and parallel arcs successively join vertices C to F defined above by their geographical coordinates, the prime meridian being that of Greenwich.
The prime meridian is an imaginary line that runs between the North and South Poles.
The UKSCA marked the 213th birthday of the Supply Corps with a cake cutting on the prime meridian at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England.
Similar to latitude, the longitude of a place on Earth is the angular distance east or west of the prime meridian or Greenwich meridian.
The African Plate is a major tectonic plate straddling the equator as well as the prime meridian.
If one uses directions of East and West from a defined prime meridian, then they can be called Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere.
This old astronomical prime meridian has been replaced by a more precise prime meridian.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Ferro, the westernmost of these, is still sometimes found as the prime meridian in German maps.
But it is our simple duty, in our present judicial capacity, to examine the question of a prime meridian from all points of view.
My honorable friend, Mr. Rutherfurd, says that from the time the prime meridian was chosen it would cease to be neutral.
You have met to discuss and consider the important question of a prime meridian for all nations.
From this prime meridian longitude is calculated, which means that any given locality is so many degrees east or west of it.
We must know how far other places are from the prime meridian, and for that reason it is necessary that it should be on land.
We may then say that, from a purely scientific point of view, any meridian may be taken as the prime meridian.
The prime meridian of the heavens passes through this point.
The prime meridian is made to pass through the Azores Islands.
The prime meridian runs somewhat to the west of the Island of Fayal.
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