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I am mystified as to how even the gentlest punters can be considered prostitutes' allies.
Whatever has disaffected a substantial section of the support has mystified the manager and has clearly unsettled some of his players.
This weekend he was adamant that there was no rift with his former master, but was mystified about his demotion to the ranks.
I am sure there must be millions like me who are mystified by bytes, megabytes, gigabytes or whatever they are called.
Asker has correctly observed that students at Lingnan are generally mystified by the demand that they complete some liberal arts courses.
Those unfamiliar with the saga are bound to be mystified by the more arcane plot twists.
Do you remember being mystified by a student fervidly typing away on a PDA during the middle of a test?
My companions, fashionably dressed journalists from the magazine, seemed mystified at the suggestion.
League secretary Bob Shackleton was mystified by the player's non-appearance.
I am also mystified by the unremitting praise the film has received, though I've done little more than skim everything I've run across.
For centuries observers have been fascinated and mystified by the majestic spiral tusk grown by the small Arctic whale known as the narwhal.
For a while he entertained himself, and mystified many others, by penning an unreadably pretentious column for the Sunday Herald.
Mrs Sharp said she was mystified why people stayed away from the gala concert at the end of the successful festival.
I am personally mystified by an individual who owns a firearm that doesn't work.
Yet a populist ethic scorning them as money grubbers who mystified the law while profiting from the miseries of others has persisted.
A land which has always mystified and enchanted the west with its boundless diversity yet somehow oneness.
A mystified couple wondered why friends and relatives congratulated them on their ruby wedding a full year ahead of the big day.
The Rubik's cube was simply a puzzle whose original intentions mystified him, and he could not fathom the purpose for which it was designed.
Police are mystified as to how the thief managed to open the vehicle without using force.
He remains mystified as to why Fifa would risk disunity by producing such a controversial document.
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Meanwhile, there was Elmer hunching his way along the hall toward the moving object in white that had so mystified them.
Suddenly alarmed and mystified beyond words, he shuffled forward over the snow, the greave yet clutched in a fur gloved hand.
It was as good as a ghost story, every one was so spellbound and mystified.
This mystified me, but to object to the tent, of course, would have been picayune.
Thorpe gave her the mystified yet uncomplaining glance she knew so well in his eyes.
Why, of the very things that have delighted, fascinated, and yet, at bottom, as I now so strangely see, mystified and troubled me.
There they stood, mystified at seeing white men in the village kampong.
Pinac and fico shook their heads, mainly because they were mystified.
Montalivet, transmitted to the prefect of Bayonne, mystified by two Greek words, tele, graphein.
He told his story in agitated accents, and went to bed a mystified man.
Kendal was mystified, for he saw that it was Iris' delicate chirography.
With a mystified look she returned to the center of the room.
Mrs. Mayfield, habitually mystified at her daughter's moods, said no more.
He stood for a few minutes holding the candle aloft, and blinking on our travellers with a dismal and mystified expression that was truly ludicrous.
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