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The commemorators have done their utmost to evoke and represent Africa, a mystical and glorious Africa, one of beauty, splendour and delight.
In an obscure way, one seems to imagine a phenomenally empty physical space into which phenomena are then projected in a mystical way.
Many from the metaphysical church described a mystical and often immanent deity.
Journalism wasn't some mystical black magic that my grandmother couldn't do for some extra cash.
Such a view of the world was inclined toward mystical and allegorical meaning of reality and truth.
It is also fitting that she chose such an allegorical, almost mystical way to present such a brutal act.
Under teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, reincarnation of important lamas is done through divination or mystical means.
And so it is that this triptych of narratives involves prophetic individuals seeking a mystical connection with the world through creation.
The primary meaning may be mystical, but paradoxical triplicity is very much in the spirit of the poem.
The mystical cult centre of the Yezidi is the Sephira Yesod or Yezod, the sphere of the moon, which is especially concerned with transformation.
The company's CEO then made the mystical decision that the ski industry really needed a ski binding built to the same specs.
Round the camp fire, someone joked that killing a goat was trepidatious, hubris in such a holy and mystical place.
The entire scope of Yiddishkeit will benefit by looking more closely into the mystical understanding.
In his analyses, the rubric becomes a sort of mystical triangle whose terms seem perpetually to transmute into one another.
According to mystical traditions, the living human body is coextended by a duplicate.
The most mystical of shades, purple, has been preferred by kings, queens and emperors throughout history.
It emphasized sin, regeneration, and grace, and had a mystical, millenarian content.
What is the difference between the hypostatical union, and the mystical union that is between Christ and believers?
The mystical fathers of the church also teach of what can be called a fourth type of icon-the hypostasis of God, the image of His being.
There were many beautiful and strange statues of mermaids and dragons and other mystical creatures.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was a mystical, tortuous, rambling discourse which sounded to me a good deal like an advocation of free love.
In some mystical, but real sense, marriage is a reunion, the reincorporation of what had been sundered.
Through this mystical zennaar, or vinculum, the sanctified person is passed with endless ceremonials.
The number four has a peculiar mystical significance and is especially associated with the Sun-god Horus.
And Nina, with her murkiness, was manifestly in love with this spiritual, this mystical young man.
Milton is the least mystical, the least pantheistic, the least monistic, of all writers.
It abounds in modulatory changes and expresses, throughout, the note of mystical exaltation so prominent in Franck's nature.
More fell not only into the mystical notions of the later Platonists, but even of the cabbalistic writers.
In the cabala, the number six was considered to be one of potent mystical properties.
He had arrived to regard them as his own by a sort of mystical persuasion.
He spoke contemptuously of the mystical high-flown speeches.
But humanity as a whole is changeful, mystical, fickle, delightful.
Human or animal, the mystical brow is as that great golden seal affixed by the German emperors to their decrees.
The contact of the Church with Platonism was on the mystical side.
His own religion certainly had a mystical and pantheistic tendency.
But three short unmusical Saxon words, yet it was as though a mystical strain of music had passed through the wood.
The scenarios include paradisiacal and mystical places like the Fernando de Noronha Island and the Pirate's Island.
Rustow traced this viewpoint to deism and beyond it to a mystical pre-Socratic Greek belief in a harmonious universe.
Such are the means by which the mystical cults earn their laurels.
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