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The music is touching, melodic, vernally new-minted, ululating slides adding to the freshened mysticism of the music.
Steiner may have broken away from the Theosophical Society, but he did not abandon the eclectic mysticism of the theosophists.
Humanistic values, Thomism, Augustinianism, paganism, mysticism and the new science exist side by side with one another.
Once known as the Enchanted Isles, the Galapagos to first time visitors are a meld of mysticism and stark reality.
Furthermore, his trademark fusion of ornate mysticism and lurid pop-art aesthetics had taken a toehold in New York's art scene as well.
He writes about shamanism, paganism, mysticism and feminism, and approaches them all with respect, compassion and mischief.
Through visual art, he tried to express a transcendental mysticism that he felt he could not fully communicate through music.
I've got no problem with you if you aren't, so long as you don't confuse what you're doing with spirituality or mysticism.
Does one then conclude that mysticism and the mystical experience is universal in its experience?
But this intellectual empiricism was joined with an emotional and spiritual mysticism which he got from his parents.
Here is an article about mysticism and devotional practices with a chaotic slant.
This is because he encompasses every aspect of religion and mysticism in his life and teachings.
So therefore in different religions we have the special way for mysticism of that religion.
For some, mysticism implies that subjective knowledge of the true nature of the universe can, in fact, be obtained.
This leads us into mysticism as the spiritual quality of staying in pure contemplation in the divine presence.
This is not the mysticism as an acceptable form of religion that is based on an intellectual mystical union.
For mysticism is most often associated in both East and West with monasteries.
He served in the Second Boer War, and in 1903 was posted to India, where he was able to indulge a passion for mysticism and the occult.
But like all religious doctrine there is plenty of mythmaking and mysticism that goes with this.
Sorcery, miracle, witchcraft, mysticism, idol-worship, etc. are satanic acts and people accused to be involved in them would be killed.
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Examples from Classical Literature
His maternal grandfather was an Adventist, with the touch of mysticism that word implies.
What is true of mysticism in general, is true also of its manifestation in aesthetics.
There is also a variety of scientific mysticism, if such an expression may be permitted.
But towards the close of the second century of the hijra, this earlier mysticism developed into Sfism.
The love of a highly developed and sensuously beautiful music in worship always implies a certain infusion of mysticism.
Mundt began as a Hegelian, but his Hegelianism has, as we see, turned into a sort of fantastic mysticism.
Esoterically understood, his novel teaches a doctrine of mysticism, intuitionalism, and materialism combined.
The Oriental mysticism, the kef, as ecstasy is called in the East, are admirably expressed.
He freed the doctrine of his master from its literalistic mysticism, and presented it in a more perfected and systematised form.
The common characteristic of all the New Platonists is a tendency to mysticism, theosophy, and theurgy.
This current was so strong that philosophy itself was swept toward mysticism and the neo-Platonist school became a theurgy.
It was from this moment that I was taken with an ardent love for mysticism.
Of course you should really go to the theological seminary and establish this naif intuitive mysticism upon a disciplined basis.
He was in the main a neoplatonist, drawing from that school his doctrines of the Monad and his strong tendency towards mysticism.
The application of the number theory issues in a barren and futile arithmetical mysticism.
The extremes of mysticism and of pragmatism have their own expressions of worship.
There was a recrudescence of Pythagoreanism, with its attendant symbolism and mysticism.
The blue-green of the ocean had not so fascinated as the mysticism of this broad view.
The empty land, the endlessness of the ocean, and the excess of light disposed me somewhat toward mysticism.
There is a deeply-rooted mysticism, an impenetrable soofyism, in the Socratic doctrine of ers.
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