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The hiss turned into a scream, this one more like a ship's keel ripping apart under pressure than a triumphant blood-chilling cry like before.
Made with the same care and materials, the Schooner's centerboard keeps it on an even keel in breezier waters.
You know when you throw mud at a wall some of it is going to stick, so it's up to me to try to get the ship back on an even keel.
Below the empty windows, waves crash against rocks that bear the keel marks of Viking longships.
The sailboat has a fin keel and a rudder that resemble the dorsal and pectoral fins of orcas.
The keel is cut away aft for installation of the propeller and rudder and protects the running gear from damage by accidental grounding.
The evidence of Mr. Andersson and Mr. Leander was that sailing the Yacht with the existing rig and an unmodified keel was not unsafe.
He has not had to do that because the teenager sails through life on an even keel, barely tipped in either direction by success or failure.
All hands feverishly shoveled coal while the ship lay over almost on her beam ends, with her keel showing when she rolled.
Can any explain the advantage of a bilge keel compared to a conventional keel?
Ribs are straight or slightly biconcave and fade on the ventral surface where they merge into the lateral keel.
It bellied in the wind, and the dark wave hissed loud at the keel, as she gathered way over the water.
The keel is arranged in box form to carry ballast, and profiled bilge keels are fitted.
The propeller-shaft continues forward along the broken-open keel and back inside the wreck, ending in the engine room with a bevel gear.
Keeping your personal relationship on even keel during this emotionally dicey period could prove difficult.
It's another difficult wreck to shot, lying along the tide with a smooth keel exposed, so the grapple has little to catch on.
While at the stern, take a short diversion to view the keel and the two propshafts projecting on either side.
The propshaft protrudes from the keel, but the propeller has been salvaged and, as already noted, the rudder lies on the seabed below.
A horizontal line was drawn 5 mm perpendicular from the sternum keel of each print.
After the garboards and inside keel are fiberglassed, the hull is ready for sanding, painting, and finish woodwork.
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Examples from Classical Literature
More rarely the skull is of normal size, but shaped like the keel of a boat.
The smooth ligule, deflexed marginal teeth, and no keel distinguish it from Arrhenatherum.
The first glume is lanceolate, acute, shorter than the second, with a keel which is scabrid.
The second glume is lanceolate, acuminate, equal to or a little longer than the third glume with a scabrid keel.
The first glume is small, oblong-ovate or oblong, 1-nerved with a scabrid keel.
One end of this rope would be passed through a hole at the aftermost end of the keel, where it would be made fast.
Trigonocephaly is a variety of scaphocephaly in which depression occurs in place of the keel.
Smooth below and devoid of keel, with sub-epidermal band of sclerenchyma, and similar tissue at the margin.
The chief distinction lies in the lunate tail, which has a keel on either side at base, as in the mackerels.
When you and I have that talk that's comin' to us we want to be shipshape and on an even keel.
Meantime, as has no doubt been guessed, she was held on an even keel by loans from the Doctor.
The set of a ship on the water, whether by the head or the stern, or on an even keel.
I tried to fix a false keel on her, but my appliances were few, and I was unsuccessful.
Jack had also overcome the difficulty about the keel, by pinning to it a false keel.
The sheathing-boards were soon seen to be floating away all around, and the false keel was finally torn off.
It was probable that a part of the false keel would remain in the sand, but they could pass over it.
The Hope was brought on shore, and her deck and false keel taken off, that she might be used for landing provisions and stores.
She hung on to a reef, and not until she had parted with her false keel would she push on and gain the open.
A strip of her false keel has been forced from its attachments, drawing the heavy bolts, and tearing away some of our sheathing.
If this system goes wrong a false keel of thirty-six hundredweight can be detached and the boat springs up to the surface.
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