What does keel mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word keel? Here's what it means.

  1. (nautical) A large beam along the underside of a ship’s hull from bow to stern.
  2. (nautical) Sometimes, a rigid, flat piece of material anchored to the lowest part of the hull of a ship to give it greater control and stability.
  3. (aeronautics) In a dirigible, a construction similar in form and use to a ship's keel; in an aeroplane, a fin or fixed surface employed to increase stability and to hold the machine to its course.
  4. (nautical) A type of flat-bottomed boat.
  5. A material similar to chalk or crayon used to mark pavement.
  6. (zoology) The periphery of a whorl extended to form a more or less flattened plate; a prominent spiral ridge.
  7. (botany) The two lowest petals of the corolla of a papilionaceous flower, united and enclosing the stamens and pistil; a carina.
  8. A brewer's cooling vat.
  1. (intransitive, followed by "over") to collapse, to fall
  2. To traverse with a keel; to navigate.
  3. To turn up the keel; to show the bottom.
  1. Eye dialect spelling of kill.
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