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And yet here I am, many moons later, writing that my inner child must have keeled over somewhere in the ensuing years.
Lechea mucronata might sometimes be confused with L. minor, which also has petiolate leaves and keeled sepals.
They keeled between the stumps in the still air, planing just above the water while Greg called out to the birds by name.
He was keeled over, blowing hard, his hands braced on his knees, sweat dripping off his nose.
The lenticular, keeled conch form and evolute, coarsely plicate juvenile whorls of Eoprodromites were anticipated by the Pseudarietitinae.
And when its distributor keeled, owing the publisher 70,000 smackers, well, you could smell the florid eulogies already being written.
He dropped to his knees and keeled over sideways as blood spouted from the side of his head like a drinking fountain.
Drew has keeled over to one side of the sofa and is laughing hysterically into the cushions.
Should I go out and buy a bunch of flowers and lay them by the side of the pavement where poor sad Paul keeled over and breathed his last?
On the 28th of August 1791, the HMS Pandora sank off the northern coast of Australia when she had hit a reef, keeled over and sank.
If Lyall hadn't been sitting astride his horse, he was quite sure he'd have keeled over with the force of this shock.
They are distinguished by prominent keeled tergites, and legs with eight segments and well sclerotised exoskeleton.
Finally in October, it became obvious that they were going to lose the ship as it had keeled over, and was listing to port.
The pressure was all too much for one soldier in Norway today, who keeled over as Charles surveyed the ranks.
The French navy was the most significant victim of this period of experimentation and had lost several ships which had keeled over and sank due to design faults.
But had Ganguly keeled over early on, so would have his side.
I crossed to the other side and found Ewen keeled over on the ground.
The coniform elements are laterally compressed with broad cusps that bear thinly keeled posterior and anterior cusp margins and lateral costa on each lateral cusp face.
And, for the most part, the major speakers stayed even keeled and non hysterical.
They plainly retained a keeled sternum and a robust pectoral girdle.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Pod linear, terete or somewhat 4-sided, the valves being keeled by a mid-nerve.
Like the keeled Lizard it has the ability to shed a very lively, wriggling tail.
It is also the only known species the scales of which are smooth or not keeled.
In the Chiroptera the presternum is strongly keeled and so is sometimes the mesosternum.
The presternum is as a rule small and compressed, often much keeled, especially in the horse and tapir.
In the ant-eaters and armadillos the presternum is broad and sometimes as in Priodon strongly keeled.
In Pterosauria it is keeled and bears some resemblance to that of birds.
The first two glumes are empty, thin, keeled, and acute or mucronate.
The modern 'bateau' is to be found only among keeled sailing craft.
At all events, in a few minutes Ed keeled over and knew no more.
The man threw out his hands and keeled over like a stuck pig.
I remember one old fellow that we put eleven into, before he keeled over.
They danced and cavorted, they yelled and keeled over, and laughed.
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