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After she placed ample servings on each plate, the three settled down to eat.
My yard always looked so nice and clean with its daylilies and begonias around each planted pine tree in the front yard.
Take each day as it comes and at the end of the day, if things still aren't done, remember that tomorrow is another day.
If you think you're tone-deaf, she teaches you to hear the differences between each instrument.
He applies a third of each plant's yearly allotment before spring growth starts and the rest after fruit sets.
Therefore, his religious services in the morning and evening used to be a major event each day.
He estimated that he needed between 20,000 tons and 30,000 tons of supplies each month.
Every household in Swindon produces an average of a ton of waste each year and most of it goes into landfill.
Altogether, though, with the palisades which were 23 feet in length and supported by marble columns at each end, the weight was 40 tons.
A little more than a billion short tons of coal are mined each year in the United States.
Be sure that there is a program in place to review and service vehicles prior to each use.
The couple had been together for five years and each had two grown-up children from previous relationships.
We were laughing with each other a little when we entered, but then our eyes looked up and we saw what beheld us in the living room.
Owners will receive a guaranteed income each month and will not incur maintenance or service charges.
There were 2 women stood chatting to each other behind the counter as I approached to pay.
With the crowd cheering her, she had game points twice on her next service game, but double-faulted each time.
Both sides should come together, give a little on each way for the good of all of us.
He played with a tassel in each hand, sometimes nervously chewing the toggles.
A much better method is to grab a leg in each hand and pull violently in opposite directions.
Using the principle of a toggle bolt, each gripper would enter the hole flat and then spring open.
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Examples from Classical Literature
With this arrangement the leeboard could be raised and lowered and also shifted to the lee side on each tack.
Two stout sticks, the handstaff and the swingle, attached to each other by a strong band of gut, constitute its simple mechanism.
The former has, however, now been reduced to 2000 added to a sweepstake of 30 each with a minor forfeit.
They held each in one hand a flaming sword, and in the other the latchet, which moved to and fro at their lightest touch.
This smoking continued a long time, during which each of the guests received a small cake of sweet corn baked in fat.
When they finally escaped, the two Sioux slid from the lathery pony, and looked searchingly into each other's eyes.
Lay a poached egg on each slice, and sprinkle with parsley and sweet pepper minced together.
The docks are united by passages 20 metres in width, each passage being crossed by a swing bridge.
The cow is attached to each shaft and a small single-tree, or swingletree, by means of a broad strap harness.
Having eaten the rice, each one ate a lavash too and all were perfectly satisfied, but there yet remained some rice and lavashees.
They learn to tremble as little at priestcraft as at swordcraft, having acquired something of each.
The current coin is lumps of Chinese sycee silver of two pounds' weight each.
There was a silence as Donna poured the lemonade and helped each visitor to a section of the layer cake.
And now, said the Emperor, you must all obey your symposiarch, and I am going to tell you each in turn what to do.
Thus there will be four threads, each having a pitch equal to that of the lead screw.
To prevent end motion of a lead screw it should have collars on both sides of one bearing, and not one at each bearing.
And you must imagine the region as it is in summer, leafed out so that the two houses are quite hidden from each other.
There was even a certain close approach to synchronism in dates of the more conspicuous incidents in each.
In each moment of our life we entertain some purpose, and to this purpose the synergy of our actions is directed.
The synonymy of each subspecies includes the earliest available name and other names in chronological order.
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