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The three daisies that comprise the chatelaine can be unscrewed and each fastened onto a pin to wear as a brooch.
Still dressed in that red jumpsuit, slim even for her young age, she ran with a skip like a child prancing through a field of daisies.
Ox-eye daisies, red clover, and blue-eyed grasses, cow vetch, bladder campion, all began to bloom during the preceding week.
My parents are buried in a garden I made in Water Mill, the graves two unmarked stones, surrounded by Montauk daisies and pink mallow.
Having scoped out the space I'm decorating, I now think that I may need around, or above, 700 daisies.
There were also carnations, marigolds and daisies planted around the sides of the garden.
I went upstairs on the roof and sat among the potted plants, among the violets and chrysanthemums and marigolds and daisies.
These included lilacs, lindens, Virginia creeper, marigolds, sunflowers, honeysuckle, pinks, and daisies.
For example, in the sunflower and daisies family you'd find bitter-flavored vegetables like artichoke, endive, chicory and radicchio.
Almost hypnotic he thought, and upon closing his eyes he saw a vast field of marigolds and daisies that had covered the backyard to his home.
Other flowers featured in the magazine included daisies and daffodils, jonquils and jasmines, roses and ranunculus, and hundreds of others.
Its fern-like foliage provides a soft background for smaller sun-loving petunias, daisies, marigolds and others.
He hurried toward her across the field of endless green and softly swaying daisies.
When new leaves appear, divide dumps of asters, bellflowers, chrysanthemums, daylilies, sedums, Shasta daisies, and yarrow.
In our garden Michaelmas daisies and sedum are at their best while annuals such as pot marigolds and nasturtium come a close second.
For years I planted carrots among the roses, giant marrows and dahlias, and daffodils and daisies interspersed with broccoli and artichokes.
South African daisies are a great group of plants and dozens of varieties have been developed in Britain recently.
Many old favourites are here, including poppies, daisies and clarkias and hollyhocks.
Then came perennial beds with roses, lilies, foxgloves, lupins, daisies, shrubs, and more.
These two plants flower at the same time to give a display of tiny white and large yellow daisies for weeks at the end of the summer.
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And she swished her tail over her back as she nipped the daisies from their stems.
You just laid for that one, and lambasted it out where the buttercups and daisies grow.
The garden was full of weeds and flowers, with daisies on the lawn, and dandelions and milkwort among the beds.
The sward had recently been mown, but the daisies dotted it as thickly as stars.
How fair look the white daisies and red clover, fresh from their dewy baths!
But he threw me off his shoulders in a huff, among the daisies and the cyclamens.
The orange hawkweed is very fragrant, and its sweetness mixed with the spicy bitterness of the daisies.
She had white verbenas, sweet alyssum, candytuft, daisies and gillyflowers.
The garden was fair in the morning, and there in the road he stood Beyond the crimson daisies and the bush of southernwood.
A costly Diamond, that had once sparkled in a lady's ring, lay in a field amid tall grasses and oxeye daisies.
With wide, unseeing eyes she stared at a patch of green grass in front of her where ox-eyed daisies grew like golden stars.
A style like this resembles a paunchy man who can be relied on not to pick the daisies.
We sat on a little strip of emerald grassland and before us was a sloping meadow all white with daisies.
He had already withdrawn his eye from the Peri, and was looking at a humble tuft of daisies which grew by the wicket.
Check out winter-flowering crocus, Spanish traveller's joy, and Michaelmas daisies.
Before her is a meadow of rich herbage, covered with daisies.
But the Field of poppies and daisies begins to sway as under a gale.
All remembered the little brown hat with its wreath of daisies.
The moon was a lone white lamb on a shadowy hill all spotted with daisies.
There is nothing he will not promise the poor hungry human heart, with his innocent-looking daisies and those practised liars the birds.
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