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Were they not inhibited Anglo-Saxons and had he been in their midst rather than standing on a raised dais, they would have assuredly hugged him.
There was also a dais in the center with a throne carved of jet and adorned with blood red gemstones.
The gazes of all in the room followed Lamar as she ascended the steps of the dais and stood in front of the throne, facing them.
Only the presence of a blown-up photograph of Devarajan on the dais gave an indication.
The dais was in the form of a human whose skeleton was mangled beyond recognition.
Only when I was standing on the dais did I feel that I had the title wrapped up.
There was a fitting moment when Ryan called the team Captain, Steven Price, to the presentation dais to receive the trophy with him.
A lanky monocled man with wire-brush grey beards appears on the dais where the king sits with his entourage.
Behind the two ancient thrones and their dais, there was a tapestry on the wall.
Now-a-days, even if a function starts a bit late, invitees on the dais are keen on winding up their speeches quickly.
It was a fantastic day, full of life and colour and excitement, and New Zealand had two athletes on the dais.
The leaders of political parties of all hues shared the dais and hatchets seemed to be buried for the time being.
Syn snapped his fingers and this man was teleported instantly onto the dais.
The sultan escorted the Oxford-educated prince wearing a gold crown and a kris dagger tucked into his sash to a golden chair on the dais.
The organisers handed over the Olympic torch to her on her arrival which she carried till she reached the dais.
One after another, they strode the dais and cracked their favourite jokes and recited couplets.
Steam and gases hissed from gaps in the cracked stones, and a black chair was positioned on a raised, circular dais.
The council meeting takes off as the Mayor clad in ceremonial attire takes the high backed chair on the dais at the stroke of the bell.
There were altogether 19 daises in the church, with the main dais in the middle being a makeshift during the inauguration.
The workers sit at desks in long, Dickensian school rooms listening to novels read aloud from a dais.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I sat with my acquaintance in the middle of the room, and the evoker of spirits on the dais, and his wife between us and him.
In that end of the hall which was opposite to the entrance was the cross-bench, dais, occupied by the women.
But the old crone took him by the hand, and led him up to the dais, and set him next to the midmost high-seat.
The Loch Buy brooch, of more elaborate workmanship, is likewise surmounted by a cabochon crystal on a raised dais.
All around the dais, seated on the sloping floor of the cavern, were Lakonians.
Enthroned on the dais, a minion at his feet, he was momentarily monarchial.
And beside the dais was a figure between two crocodilian guards at sight of whom Randall forgot all else.
Everybody rose to his feet as the Deemster stepped to the dais.
Hallgerda sat upon the cross-bench on the dais, and behaved well.
At the head of the hall, on a dais, was the table of the king, queen, and their son, Prince Uwaine.
Above the heads of the contestants I could see from my elevated station upon the dais the face of my old friend Kantos Kan.
Brilliant cloths of many hues and strange patterns formed the soft cushion covering of the dais upon which they reclined about her.
Howrah rose, stepped forward to the dais edge, and held his hand out.
In solemn order Templeton ascended the dais and rendered homage.
The throne was set on a sort of dais, with three steps in front of it.
With a short laugh he turned from Francesco to those upon the dais.
What I saw was a solid phalanx of armed men between myself and a dais supporting a great bench of carved sorapus wood.
It was a long chamber with a step separating the dais where the family sat from the lower portion reserved for their dependents.
Each window was draped in green damask curtains, looped up by heavy cords, which made them resemble a vast dais.
The dais on which he stood seemed suddenly turned into a mountaintop.
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