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He looked fresh as a daisy and was eating scrambled egg on toast off a sky blue plate.
Daisies usually call to mind open, dry fields bathed in sun, but ragwort is one daisy that thrives in shaded, wet soil.
Groundcovers may include African daisy, trailing gazania or even large-leafed Algerian ivy.
This Shasta daisy, with its double blooms, is truly unique and fun with its fluffy look.
Although you probably didn't even notice I was gone, I'm home from my mountain getaway this week, fresh as a daisy from lots of sleep.
I went to bed really early last night to catch up on sleep, so I woke up feeling as fresh as a daisy for once.
And having got all that out of system I had a great night's sleep last night and am fresh as a daisy today.
Tessa and Sophia skipped in with daisy wreaths and bracelets draped all over them.
A single daisy was taped to my locker with a yellow note tied to it by some white ribbon.
Goldfinches enjoy eating the seeds of many meadow flowers including daisy, dandelion, and thistle.
In appearance, artichoke looks a bit like a thistle, though it is a member of the daisy family.
Plants thriving on the meadows include oxeye daisy, yellow-rattle, meadowsweet, bird's-foot trefoil and common knapweed.
I didn't have anymore money to spend, so I went out to the garden and made a daisy chain for my hair.
In your ideal fantasy world there will be people dancing around in circles, holding hands with daisy chains in their hair.
I know it doesn't have the same dramatic effect of a daisy cutter or bunker buster, but hey, life isn't perfect.
Consider first the static form of a simple flower such as a buttercup or daisy.
Our only other small success is a fish we manage to coax into jumping on a daisy chain of plastic squids, but it misses the bait.
Tried and true varieties include Gerbera daisy, pink and purple wave petunia, begonias, Calla lilies, fragrant heliotrope and stock.
Common examples of perennial flowers are purple coneflower, lance-leaf coreopsis, dame's rocket and daisy.
The contents included a new American-style silver fridge, white daisy fairy lights and gas lamp.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He was old and snowy haired, but as fresh as a daisy and as spry as a cricket.
If there were alterations of a similar sort in daisy, I could not see them this night.
A day or two after Margaret's arrival she had driven around to call in her dog-cart, looking as fresh as a daisy in her sunhat.
The common dandelion, taraxacum, sometimes offers an illustration of this, and also the daisy.
Peggy let fall the ox-eyed daisy whose petals she had been counting, and turned toward him in dismay.
No, here is an African marigold, and a China-aster, and a Michaelmas daisy.
It is more unintelligible than The daisy chain, though not quite so tiresome.
Make a chain of roses, just as one makes a daisy chain, or a chain of any other flowers.
In confinement the caterpillars will eat garden aster and Michaelmas daisy.
You could then say that you have often thought that the stars are God's daisy chain.
It was a Camberwell beauty, and Hildegarde followed it about a little as it hovered lazily from one daisy to another.
It represented a little girl, in gypsy-hat, sitting by the water-side, and weaving a daisy chain.
You braid it just like we braid the daisy stems and the dandelion stems in the fields.
He was as new as an overnight daisy, and as destructible in Rosella's hands.
Wa-al, I hev bin expectin' all along as how you'd peg out, but I'm derned ef you don't seem fresh as a daisy now!
The farmer in this locality must have an alert eye for Canada thistles and oxeye daisy.
A long, long play-day it was to the little vine, the daisy, and the violet.
Strike a daisy, but if you're not off like a blink o' lightnin', you Shanna go, you s'll sleep separate.
Yes, the engine's running like a daisy, and the sidecar's on, and Egbert's fussing to be off.
Lord Henry smiled, and leaning down, plucked a pink-petalled daisy from the grass and examined it.
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