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Since they evoked feelings of gratification and satisfaction, uncertainty abounds as to whether they should be erased it into oblivion.
Evidence of the Chinese talent for cooking abounds, in the humblest homes as in the costliest restaurants.
It is easy to see why rumour abounds about the levels of discontent simmering within the company.
Storage space abounds inside with the new fascia boasting a central lidded storage box plus two glove boxes on the passenger side.
Seeing that fewer than half the EU electorate picked these MEP characters, is it any wonder that apathy abounds?
At ten pm, the volume of local Greek dialect increases and friendly conversation abounds.
Speculation abounds that the bank was secretly doing their part to help pay back those student loans.
Desperation abounds, especially among the young and those beyond the gilded circle of the Parisian elites.
Africa, the origin of life, abounds with endless red deserts and intolerably hot storms.
The first thing that the visitor to Croydon should know is that it abounds with places to eat and drink.
Australian government abounds with successful models of this kind, especially at the federal level.
Our Richmond Valley abounds in dwellings, public buildings, monuments, museums, cemeteries that are worthy of more than just a casual glance.
The wood abounds with wildlife, including badgers, foxes, shrews, butterflies and an array of birds.
There's always something there, another ace up his sleeve, because the company abounds in talent and ideas like no other.
The piece abounds in quotations from Balanchine's leotard ballets, as the master's abstract works are called because of their stark costuming.
Alliteration abounds, pithy epithets are the order of the day, the cliches of journalese are flowing till we're all blue in the face.
Talk abounds about a rainbow coalition after the next general election here.
Wild West history abounds in Mesilla, where adobe buildings dating to the 1800s are still in use as shops and galleries.
Like Majorca, the sea around Menorca abounds with shoaling barracuda, amberjack, dentex and dolphins.
Modern Science Fiction abounds with intelligent robots and androids, both good and bad.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Our country abounds in the necessaries, the arts, and the comforts of life.
The country of the Illinois is extremely good, and abounds with buffalo and other game.
It was enveloped by the limestone which abounds in cavities filled with crystals of strontian and dog-tooth spar.
The Sowthistle abounds in the same milky juice as the succory, and has the same kind of fleshy root.
From Rivoli to Friedland his career abounds in examples of riverine tactics.
It abounds in modulatory changes and expresses, throughout, the note of mystical exaltation so prominent in Franck's nature.
The clay, of a deep blue colour, abounds with marine shells, and shows a strong efflorescence of natron and sea-salt.
The parenchyma of the barks abounds in starch and oxalate of lime, or else contains a soft brown deposit.
The real difficulty in phonics lies in the fact that the pronunciation of the English language abounds in inconsistencies.
Dr. William Marshall writes, that it only breeds in certain localities where a large water reed abounds.
This marsh is surrounded with very lofty oaks, and abounds with pondweed, the water-plant named by botanists potamogeton.
The Bay of quinte abounds in excellent fish of various kinds, affording excellent sport to those who are fond of fishing.
The food of the redshank consists of worms, marine insects, and any other animal matter which abounds on the sea-shore.
He makes a mistake by showing a dislike for the camote, or the native sweet-potato, which abounds there.
In South Africa, where the caracal abounds, its hide is made by the Zulus into skin-cloaks, known as karosses.
The chersonese abounds in bulbous plants, some of great beauty, and rare shrubs.
The village life abounds with jokers, Shiftless, conscienceless and shrewd.
Throughout its entire extent, however, the continental shelf abounds in both plant and animal life.
This kind of wit is that which abounds in Cowley more than in any author that ever wrote.
She collects all these fragments and mixes them with choice loam in the spots where the sanies abounds.
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