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Meanwhile, the anomalies surrounding eligibility for the Commonwealth Games abound.
Books on mysticism and the supernatural abound, in a way that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago.
He mixes easily with criminals, and suspicions abound that he was a bent copper who left under a cloud.
In the murky world of international espionage, rumours abound about the credibility of his information.
Multicoloured, multilayered cakes and mousses abound, along with carambola, mango and cream pastry and pistachio and cappuccino squares.
Import sales soar higher than the Concorde, regional microbrews flood local markets and new beer brands abound.
Odd tensions and feelings and questions and uncertainties and so on abound in my little head.
Once again, however, rumours of caves higher on the hillside and far off river sinks abound.
Satin mini-skirts abound in a range of wild colors, some embroidered with floral motifs.
Illustrations abound, from a drawing of bladder campion to many remarkable photos and diagrams of the various mill complexes in their heydays.
Alpacas and llamas abound, as do viscachas and water birds such as ducks, flamingos and weighty gulls.
While the understory growth of bluejack and turkey oak may be thinned, layers and layers of avian understory abound in these airy halls.
Lively conversation and anecdotes will abound as the duo discuss the art of writing for theatre.
Newspaper and magazine articles about the medical risks and economic consequences of obesity abound.
Legal challenges will be abound from sore losers and political opportunists trying to exploit legal technicalities.
Pink shrimps and flatfish abound, and brightly coloured juvenile lumpsuckers stick to the kelp fronds.
Water plants abound, including a cattail, a realistic palm tree, and other vegetation.
In the urban shantytowns, small-scale commercial activities such as vegetable stalls, food stores, carpentry, and tailoring abound.
It takes little imagination to understand just why so many ancient legends abound in these parts.
Home remedies abound, as well, including cayenne, hot-pepper sauce, talcum powder, blood meal, dog hair, and deodorant soap.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They abound upon the shores of the sea and of lakes, but are rarely seen in rivers.
Neither in truth do they abound in iron, as from the fashion of their weapons may be gathered.
They abound on the chalky downs and in some sandy districts, but not in the clays.
The pages of the analytical Review abound in important articles from his pen.
Captain Irvine was anxious to reach the northern point of Baffin Bay, where whales were said to abound.
Red and roe deer, the Alpine and common hare, black game and ptarmigan, grouse and pheasant abound on the moors and woodlands.
The inferior mountains of Caren abound in gold, and in the Andes belonging to this province there are mines of silver.
The rest of the circumjacent islands are either desert, or very meanly inhabited, but all of them abound in deer.
Fortunately, their favourite ground is by Cape Mudge Lighthouse, where the cohoe abound.
At present, cleared fields and cutover areas abound in regions that at one time were covered with magnificent stands of timber.
Apricot and pear orchards abound, and on a piece of grass in one of these I found my camp most delectably pitched.
The valley of the river Sahel is full of boars, and panthers and monkeys abound in the neighboring spurs of the Zouaouas.
Could he marry his cousin amidst the trumpets, and the halo, and the doggrel poetry which would abound?
Steady and straight entellus stands his ground, Although already rowdy rows abound.
Perch abound, and afford exciting sport to less ambitious amateurs of the gentle craft.
Mackerels of various genera abound, as well as gobies, blenniesm and mullets.
Mild or sweet ales, on the contrary, are less attenuated by lengthened fermentation, and abound in saccharine and gummy matter.
In December therefore and January we commonly abound in herring and red fish, as rochet and gurnard.
In December therefore and Ianuarie we commonlie abound in herring and red fish, as rochet, and gurnard.
Even in the places most frequented by the sightseer they do not abound in any profusion.
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