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Sentence Examples
The rocks there abound with crayfish, paua, mussels, kina, maomao and snapper.
Like his metamorphic music, Stochansky's own life is abound with steady shifts and controlled chaos.
Ancient traditions and rituals tend to abound with precepts and injunctions.
A whole new world of exotic design possibilities abound with zen-like bamboo, luxurious lacewood, distinctive makore, or safari zebrawood to name a few.
Even if they have been reared from a young age in captivity, news reports abound with animal attacks.
Intervals of all sizes abound with stacked fourths, fifths and diminished fifths being some favorites of the composer.
Quaint shops in Old San Juan abound with jewelry and local handicrafts such as santos, cuatros and guiros and masks.
Reports of the passage of the remnance of the Spanish Armada around Ireland abound with onerous accounts of hardships and survival.
Around the Chinese Quarter are areas such as the Arcadian and Hurst Street Gay Village, that abound with bars and clubs.
The rivers in June, July, and August, abound with ketas, and hump-backed salmon.
The rivers and lakes abound with fish, from which the inhabitants prepare their favourite condiment of ngapee.
Meadows abound with sainfoin, yellow rattles, rampions, orchids, campions, clovers, pink Bistort, Viper's Bugloss, Ox-eye Daisy, bellflowers and even Orange lilies.
Even these five instances are open to another interpretation, not as adnominal determiner, but as markers of hesitation and false start, which abound with some speakers.
The hills here, and indeed all the heathy grounds in general, abound with the sweet-smelling plant which the Highlanders call gaul, and with dwarf juniper in many places.
Examples from Classical Literature
The hills bordering upon the lake are said to abound with this sort of sulphureous stone.
All the bays and harbours which have been just described, abound with right whale at a particular season of the year.
These lakes also abound with a great variety of fish, which can be taken by spearing.
The lakes and streams abound with rainbow trout, the gamest of any fresh water fish.
Surely you must abound with trimmings, and yet you are working another already?
There are also several large lakes, which abound with white trout.
This problem is almost all year round but at Christmas the streets seem to abound with young men sitting crosslegged asking for spare change.
The Straits of Malacca abound with places with Sanskrit names.
Some of the trachytic lavas are said to abound with crystals of albite.
This neighborhood, at the time of which I am speaking, was one of those highly favored places which abound with chronicle and great men.
Fort Osage, and other places on the borders of the western wilderness, abound with characters of the kind, ready for any expedition.
These islands are furnished with a number of ponds, and at certain seasons abound with swans, geese, brandts, cranes, gulls, plover, and other wild-fowl.
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