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What's the Latin word for fit? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for fit
aptus adjective
suitable, apt, adapted, prepared, fitting
idoneus adjective
suitable, capable, competent, meet, proper
dignus adjective
worthy, eligible, deserved, deserving, qualified
opportunus adjective
opportune, timely, convenient, suitable, serviceable
habilis adjective
adaptable, handy, qualified, suitable, apt
apto verb
adapt, fasten, adjust, accommodate, apply
par adjective
equal, equivalent, like, alike, adequate
conveniens adjective
consistent, compatible, applicable, agreeing, harmonic
subficiens adjective
suitable, adequate, sufficient
sufficiens adjective
sufficient, adequate, suitable
congruus adjective
suitable, compatible
oportunus adjective
suitable, useful, advantageous, favorable, favourable
adpositus adjective
appropriate, apt, adjacent, near, accessible
adcommodatus adjective
appropriate, suitable, favorably disposed
paratus adjective
ready, prepared, provided, experienced, equipped
ferratilis adjective
in chains, fetters
tempestivus adjective
seasonable, timely, ripe, mature
sanus adjective
healthy, sound, whole, well, sane
validus adjective
valid, strong, mighty, powerful, able
rectus adjective
righteous, correct, straight, upright, virtuous
utilis adjective
useful, profitable, expedient, helpful, advantageous
appositus adjective
apposite, appropriate, placed near, suitable, situated
accommodo verb
apply, accommodate, adapt, adjust, bring to
respondeo verb
answer, reply, respond, correspond, retort
convenio verb
accord, gather, assemble, come together, befit
quadro verb
square, be square, befit, be correct, correspond
suppeto verb
abound, be at hand, suit
subpeto verb
abound, be at hand, suit
competo verb
compete, meet, come together, coincide, go for smth.
conpeto verb
compete, meet, come together, coincide, go for smth.
applico verb
apply, attach, lay alongside, bring into close contact, bring into connection
instruo verb
instruct, prepare, teach, furnish, array
orno verb
adorn, furnish, fit out, equip, endow
adapto verb
adjust, modify
adcommodo verb
adapt, adjust to, suit, apply, fasten on
adtempero verb
attempero verb
adjust, accommodate
decorus adjective
beautiful, graceful, seemly, becoming, suitable
condignus adjective
suitable, very worthy, wholly deserving, meritorious
ingeniosus adjective
clever, ingenious, talented, brilliant, able
utibilis adjective
useful, serviceable, profitable, beneficial, expedient
conmodus adjective
useful, cozy, advantageous, of full weight, proper
commodus adjective
suitable, convenient, comfortable, beneficial, cozy
accommodus adjective
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fit into
keep fit
fit out verb
iussus, orno, instruo, armo, exorno
get fit
impetro apitus
physically fit
physice aptus
fit together verb
fit simul, coapto
best fit
maxime idoneum
fit up
fit autem
fit in
fit in
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