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How to say go in Latin

What's the Latin word for go? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for go
vado verb
advance, haste, hasten, rush, proceed
badisso verb
walk, run
badizo verb
walk, run
digredior verb
digress, swerve, move, part, depart
discedo verb
depart, leave, go away, cease, separate
cedo verb
cede, yield, give, grant, withdraw
meo verb
ito verb
grassor verb
gravitate, act, proceed, attack, storm
pedem ferro verb
ingero verb
thrust, obtrude, press upon, carry, heap
eo verb
walk, ride, sail, pass, march
beto verb
baeto verb
bito verb
pertendo verb
persist, go straight, push on, press on, stretch
sequor verb
follow, trail, seek, ensue, accompany
exsequor verb
describe, keep up, execute, prosecute, follow out
exequor verb
accomplish, explain, prosecute, follow out, execute
extinguo verb
quench, extinguish, put out, exterminate, deprive of life
fio verb
become, get along, happen, be done, be made
vagor verb
wander, stray, ramble, roam, rove
aberro verb
stray, err, lose one's way, wander away, divert
occido verb
kill, slay, fall down, set, die
obcido verb
fall, fall down, be ruined, perish, be undone
occedo verb
obcedo verb
exstinguo verb
extinguish, quench, annihilate, put out, abolish
conlabefio verb
reel, be falling down, collapse, wreck, smelt
perago verb
finish, accomplish, disturb, complete, execute
persequor verb
pursue, follow, persecute, describe, prosecute
sto verb
stand, discontinue, remain, stand still, stand firm
patior verb
suffer, allow, endure, permit, bear
patio verb
suffer, allow, endure, permit, bear
transabeo verb
collabefio verb
reel, be falling down, collapse, wreck, smelt
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