How to say prevent in Latin

What's the Latin word for prevent? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for prevent
prohibeo verb
forbid, restrain, hinder, prohibit, preclude
incido verb
fall, cut, fall into, occur, fall on
anteo verb
precede, surpass, go before, go ahead, anticipate
intercedo verb
intercede, interfere, pray for, intervene, lie
arceo verb
hinder, keep away, exclude, preclude, enclose
antevorto verb
go before, come before, anticipate, put before, give precedence
anteverto verb
anticipate, go before, come before, put before, give precedence
antevenio verb
surpass, exceed, come before, anticipate, come in front
propello verb
drive away, propel, banish, eject, admonish
inhibeo verb
restrain, inhibit, check, hold in, keep in
distineo verb
separate, keep apart, keep divided, prevent from uniting, prevent concentration
antideo verb
go before, go ahead, precede, surpass, anticipate
perimo verb
slay, kill, take away, cut off, destroy
peremo verb
liquidate, restrain, take away, annihilate, slay
inpedio verb
hinder, embroil, entangle, entwine, check
impedio verb
hinder, entangle, impede, obstruct, hamper
praevorto verb
prefer, show preference, outstrip, leave behind, overweigh
praevortor verb
prefer, show preference, outstrip, leave behind, overweigh
praevenio verb
anticipate, outstrip, leave behind, overweigh, surpass
praevertor verb
outstrip, anticipate, prefer, show preference, leave behind
praeverto verb
outstrip, anticipate, prefer, show preference, leave behind
stagno verb
overflow, overrun, inundate, be overflowed, be inundated
excludo verb
exclude, shut out, hatch, lock out, keep off
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prevent sunstroke
ne aestus introivit
prevent from verb
ne de, praepedio
Similar Words
restrain verb
coercere, contineo, adligo, adtineo, alligo
put an end to verb
et finem accipiat, decido
rule out verb
et praeessent, abnueo
restrict verb
restringere, termino, restringo, cogo, coarcto
hinder verb
ne prohibeatis, prohibeo, remoror, impedito, demoror
forbid verb
Absit, prohibeo, veto, interdico, sancio
impede verb
impediant, contor, cunctor, retardo, cuncto
block verb
obstructionum, obsideo, praestruo, includo, opsideo
avert verb
avertat, inclino, incido, expio, abomino
avoid verb
ne, avorsor, apstineo, alienor, cavefacio
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