How to say wear in Korean

What's the Korean word for wear? Here's a list of translations.

Korean Translation

ibgo issda

More Korean words for wear
입고 있다 verb
ibgo issda wear
의복 noun
uibog garments, apparel, dress, gear, wearable
쓰고 있다 verb
sseugo issda wear
하다 verb
hada make, have, give, do, play
신고 있다 verb
singo issda wear
기르고 있다 verb
gileugo issda wear
지치게 하다 verb
jichige hada weary, use up, wear out, distress, spend
견디다 verb
gyeondida endure, stand, bear, resist, eke out
닳아 떨어지다 verb
dalh-a tteol-eojida wear out
띠고 있다 verb
ttigo issda wear
닳아 떨어짐 noun
dalh-a tteol-eojim wear and tear
파다 verb
pada dig, excavate, carve, investigate, grub
지치다 verb
jichida slide on, be exhausted, have a watery stool, close without locking, weary
끼고 있다 verb
kkigo issda wear
점점 지나다 verb
jeomjeom jinada wear
의복의 유행 noun
uibog-ui yuhaeng wear
사용에 견딤 noun
sayong-e gyeondim wear
...의 지위에 있다 verb
...ui jiwie issda wear
간직하고 있다 verb
ganjighago issda wear
닳아지게 하다 verb
dalh-ajige hada wear
해지게 하다 verb
haejige hada wear
휴대하고 있다 verb
hyudaehago issda wear
바람을 등지게 돌기 noun
balam-eul deungjige dolgi wear
쇠약하게 하다 verb
soeyaghage hada debilitate, pull down, depress, macerate
사용에 견디다 verb
sayong-e gyeondida wear
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있다 verb
issda have, be, be found, exist, consist
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