How to say confusion in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for confusion? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for confusion
混乱 noun
Konran chaos, disorder, flurry, welter, mix-up
混同 noun
Kondō mixing, merger
錯乱 noun
Sakuran derangement, distraction
混迷 noun
Konmei confusion
混雑 noun
Konzatsu congestion, heavy traffic
混沌 noun
Konton chaos
狼狽 noun
Rōbai confusion
無秩序 noun
Muchitsujo disorder, chaos
乱雑 noun
Ranzatsu clutter, disorder, mess, promiscuity, untidiness
狂い noun
Kurui deviation, disorder
取り込み noun
Torikomi confusion
猥雑 noun
Waizatsu disorder, chaos, clutter, snarl, hubbub
ごたごた noun
Gotagota trouble, tangle
乱脈 noun
Ranmyaku disorder, chaos
motion, change
ごった noun
Go tta mess, mix, huddle
紛糾 noun
Funkyū complication, disorder
めちゃ noun
Mecha mess
取込み noun
Torikomi confusion
雑駁 noun
Zappaku confusion
失考 noun
Shikkō misunderstanding, misapprehension, error, misinterpretation, misconception
狼藉 noun
Rōzeki disorder, violence, outrage, riot
ごちゃにすること noun
Go cha ni suru koto confusion
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