How to say turn in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for turn? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for turn
ターン noun
Tān turn
順番 noun
Junban order of things
曲がる verb
Magaru bend
回す verb
Mawasu turn on, forward, revolve, transfer, send round
Jun order
出番 noun
Deban turn
回る verb
Mawaru rotate, spin, revolve, turn round, wander around
一周 noun
Isshū round, one full year
替わり noun
Kawari substitute, replacement, substitution, surrogate
転じる verb
Tenjiru shift, alter, distract
一転 noun
Itten complete change
一回り noun
Hitomawari round
転ずる verb
Tenzuru shift, distract, alter
輪番 noun
Rinban rotation, sequence
投げ掛ける verb
Nagekakeru raise, throw at
一巡り noun
Hitomeguri round, one full year
出場 noun
Shutsujō participation, appearance, performance, place of projection, production center
一手 noun
Itte one hand, one's own effort
曲がりくねる verb
Magarikuneru twist, bend many times, zigzag
振り向ける verb
Furimukeru turn
廻る verb
Mawaru rotate, pass, revolve, spin, make rounds
曲がり目 noun
Magarime bend, curve
回ること noun
Mawaru koto turn
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