How to say nature in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for nature? Here's a list of translations.

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More Japanese words for nature
自然 noun
Shizen nature
性質 noun
Seishitsu property, disposition
Sei sex, gender, property, characteristic, custom
天然 noun
Ten'nen spontaneity
Shitsu quality, temper, pawn, property, character
天性 noun
Tensei innate disposition, natural constitution
資質 noun
Shishitsu disposition
気質 noun
Katagi temperament, disposition, spirit, character, temper
性分 noun
Shōbun disposition
根性 noun
Konjō guts, spirit, willpower, temper
気性 noun
Kishō temper, temperament, spirit, disposition, humor
天地 noun
Tenchi heaven and earth, top and bottom, universe, world, realm
持ち前 noun
Mochimae characteristic
性根 noun
Shōne character
本然 noun
Honzen disposition
天分 noun
Tenbun destiny, talents, mission, sphere of activity
禀性 noun
禀性 character
気色 noun
Kishoku humor, mood, temperament, disposition, temper
天生 noun
Amou disposition, vocation, calling
気心 noun
Kigokoro disposition, temper, mood, humor, temperament
天資 noun
Tenshi natural elements
肌合 noun
Hadaai disposition, temperament, character, attitude, constitution
得体 noun
Etai character
機嫌 noun
Kigen mood, humor, temper, temperament, spirit
テンパー noun
Tenpā constitution
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