How to say wear in German

What's the German word for wear? Here's a list of translations.

German Translation
More German words for wear
tragen verb
carry, bear, take, support, sustain
der Verschleiß noun
wear and tear, consumption, loss
die Abnutzung noun
wear and tear
anziehen verb
attract, tighten, put on, draw, pull
abnutzen verb
wear out, wear down, fray
die Kleidung noun
clothing, clothes, dress, attire, outfit
anhaben verb
have on, do harm
sich abnutzen verb
wear out, wear down, fret, get worn out
abtragen verb
pay off, erode, abrade, clear away, wear out
sich tragen verb
aufhaben verb
be open, have on, have homework, have open
kaputtgehen verb
break, break up, fold up, be ruined, bust
abfahren verb
leave, depart, go, ski down, move off
abtreten verb
cede, transfer, resign, step down, hand over
abwetzen verb
scuff, rub off
kaputtmachen verb
ruin, break, smash, trash, bust
schlucken verb
swallow, gulp, absorb, swallow up, guzzle, quaff
verbraucht sein verb
abgefahren sein verb
blankwetzen verb
durchwetzen verb
wear through
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