How to say end in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for end? Here's a list of translations.

Filipino Translation
More Filipino words for end
dulo noun
tip, conclusion, extremity, point, the very end
katapusan noun
conclusion, omega, finale, ending, denouement
magtapos verb
graduate, finish, conclude, close, terminate
wakas noun
last, omega, conclusion, doom, finals
matapos verb
complete, expire, fulfill, conclude, stop
pagkatapos noun
completion, maturity, wake
magwakas verb
conclude, close, terminate, finish, draw to a close
layunin noun
purpose, goal, aim, objective, intent
tapos noun
finish, graduate, school leaver
hangganan noun
border, boundary, limit, frontier, mere
hanggan noun
extent, limit
itigil verb
stop, stop doing, cause to stop, put to an end
kamatayan noun
death, doom, decease, quietus
tunguhin noun
goal, objective, aim, tendency, purpose
tumapos verb
consummate, dispatch, carry through, complete, despatch
pakay noun
aim, purpose, object, mission
pagkawasak noun
destruction, ruin, devastation, derailment, havoc
puntahin noun
tendency, goal, end in view, purpose, object aimed at
pagkamatay noun
death, extinction, passing, departure
hangga noun
destination, result
duluhan noun
frontier, terminal, terminus, boundary
ipinid verb
close, adjourn
himakas noun
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