How to say complete in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for complete? Here's a list of translations.

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More Filipino words for complete
ganap adjective
full, perfect, unconditional, thorough, downright
lubos adjective
absolute, full, downright, perfect, utter
tapos adjective
done, finished, perfect
tapos na adjective
finished, accomplished, far gone, through, up
tapusin verb
finish, conclude, terminate, put an end, put an end to
buo adjective
whole, intact, entire, united, completed
matapos verb
end, expire, fulfill, conclude, stop
lubusan adjective
full, thorough, total, absolute, radical
puno adjective
full, filled, loaded, fraught, replete
natapos na adjective
husto adjective
ample, enough, exact, sufficient, just
yari na adjective
mature, finished, completed, done, ready-made
tumapos verb
consummate, dispatch, end, carry through, despatch
tubos adjective
utter, stark
buuin verb
total, unite, combine together, organize, repair
despatsado adjective
dispatched, dismissed, despatched, sold
idaos verb
undertake, celebrate, finish
hustuhin verb
humusto verb
be correct, fit
maghusto verb
fit, suffice, complement, supplement
bumuo verb
form, construct, clot, organize, curdle
yariin verb
manufacture, finish, make, construct, produce
puspos adjective
saturated, full, fraught, replete, rife
despatsahin verb
deliver, dismiss
eksakto adjective
exact, accurate, precise, correct, pat
nayari na adjective
lahat adjective
all, every, whole, plenary
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