How to say praise in Farsi

What's the Farsi word for praise? Here's a list of translations.

Farsi Translation
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noun ستایش
adoration, worship, accolade, veneration, eulogy
noun تحسین
admiration, acclaim, applause, acclamation
noun تمجید
glorification, exaltation, ploy, laudation, doxology
noun تعریف
definition, description, compliment, explanation, quantification
noun نیایش
invocation, benediction, veneration, adoration, orison
noun پرستش
worship, adoration, devotion, adulation, idolization
verb ستودن
commend, extol, glorify, adore, worship
verb ستایش کردن
pay tribute, adore, commend, eulogize, glorify
verb تعریف کردن
define, tell, describe, emblazon, unreel
verb تمجید کردن
exalt, laud
noun چاپلوسی
flattery, lip service, subservience, adulation, sycophancy
noun رجز
paean, epopee
verb خوشامد گویی کردن
suck up, chum, compliment, crouch, flatter
verb لاف زدن
brag, boast, yelp, gammon, brave
verb چاپلوسی کردن
adulate, flatter, blandish, butter, coax
verb ریشخند کردن
cajole, carny, lout, bamboozle, blandish
verb تمجید و ستایش کردن
verb نیایش کردن
noun خوشامد گویی صمیمانه
verb علم کردن
exalt, apotheosize, celebrate, fame, glorify
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worthy of praise
سزاوار تقدیر
in praise
در ستایش
beyond praise
فراتر از ستایش
praise highly
ستایش بسیار
in praise of
در ستایش از
give praise
self-praise noun
خود ستایش, خود فروشی, تعریف از خود, خود ستایی, رجز خوانی
high praise
ستایش بالا
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