How to say eliminate in Chinese

What's the Chinese word for eliminate? Here's a list of translations.

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More Chinese words for eliminate
消除 verb
Xiāochú remove, clear up, cast aside
消灭 verb
Xiāomiè wipe out, perish, extirpate, die out, rubbish
清除 verb
Qīngchú remove, get rid of, clear away
淘汰 verb
Táotài fall into disuse, die out
Xiāo disappear, vanish, dispel, idle away, while away
根除 verb
Gēnchú eradicate, root out, extirpate, stub, root up
Chú remove, divide, get rid of, wipe out, do away with
消去 verb
Xiāoqù eliminate
肃清 verb
Sùqīng clear, clean, eradicate, liquidate, cleanse
排斥 verb
Páichì exclude, reject, discriminate, remove, close out
废止 verb
Fèizhǐ repeal, abolish, annul, invalidate, rescind
歼灭 verb
Jiānmiè destroy, wipe out, annihilate, blot out
涤除 verb
Díchú wash away, do away with, wash out
Táo clean out, wash, cleanse, tax
Jiān annihilate, destroy, blot out, exterminate, abolish
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