How to say except in Chinese

What's the Chinese word for except? Here's a list of translations.

Chinese Translation


More Chinese words for except
Chú besides
除了 preposition
Chúle in addition to, besides, apart from, save, saving
除外 preposition
Chúwài except
除去 verb
Chùqú except
开除 verb
Kāichú fire, expel, discharge, sack
反对 verb
Fǎnduì oppose, combat, fight against, be opposed to
反驳 verb
Fǎnbó refute, retort
除了 ... 之外 preposition
Chúle... Zhī wài except
错非 preposition
Cuò fēi except
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See Also in English
except from
except that
except for preposition
除了, 以外, 而且, 加之
except when
except if
Similar Words
except for preposition
除了, 以外, 而且, 加之
short of adjective, preposition
缺乏, 匮乏, , , 几乎
saving adjective, preposition, noun, conjunction
保存, 节省, 节约, 保全, 除了
but preposition, pronoun, noun, adverb, conjunction
, 但是, 不过, , 可是
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