What is the noun for huckster?

What's the noun for huckster? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A peddler or hawker, who sells small items, either door-to-door, from a stall, or in the street.
  2. Somebody who sells things in an aggressive or showy manner.
  3. One who deceptively sells fraudulent products.
  4. Somebody who writes advertisements for radio or television.
  5. A mean, deceptive person.
  6. Synonyms:
    1. pedlar, hawker, trader, salesman, vendor, purveyor, higgler, peddler, barker, dealer, seller, colporteur, pusher, crier, salesperson, costermonger, pitchman, packman, pitchperson, chapman, barrow boy, door-to-door salesman, street seller, street vendor
  1. The condition of being a huckster; hucksterish behavior.
  1. plural of hucksterism
  1. plural of huckstering
  1. The behaviour of a huckster.
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